Woman with her arms open to Nature

Lace Up Those Shoes & Get Hiking!

The fall is a beautiful time of the year in New York. The air is cooling down and the sun is shining bright through the ever changing leaves. This time of the year is perfect for getting outside to walk,


Sweet Rewards: Honey Saves Hives🍯

Honey is the sweet food made by honeybees, primary pollinators of 90+ food crops in the United States, and about 35% of foods grown globally. Bees are carefully managed and transported from farm to farm to ensure adequate pollination of


Fueling a Successful Day of Learning!🥪

Summer came and went in what seemed like a matter of seconds. The air is slowly starting to get cool, the leaves are turning all different shades of red and orange, and your student is beginning yet another school year.

Portrait of a happy young woman holding orange Gerbera daisy covering her eye with eyes closed

How Flowers Affect Your Mental Health🌸

Flowers are as beautiful to the eye as they are to the soul! Did you know that flowers and plants affect your mental health in numerous positive ways? If you didn’t, that’s okay, that’s why I’m here to explain. There


Hydration Nation!💧

Hydration is always a “hot” topic in the summertime – it is an essential element to staying well and at being at our best, whatever the season. Here are some tips and hacks to ensure you and yours are hydrated


Keeping Food Safe Keeps Everyone Happy!

We are always on the lookout for information and resources that can make life better, so we are kicking off National Food Safety Week with some more food safety tips, hacks, and helpers! June 7th is World Food Safety Day,


Tips for a Pet-Proofed Household!

The love of a pet is like no other. After all, pets are family who we cherish and adore. On National Pet Parents Day, we want to give a special shoutout to all the pawsome pet parents out there. Thank


You’ve Got to Move It!

Every January, you resolve to get more active and be better connected to your health, and, for many, life happens, and your plans get moved aside. But you know you will feel better, lower blood pressure, maintain healthier weight, strengthen


Simple Ways to Eat Sustainably

When it comes to living greener, mealtime is the right time to make a big difference. Though you may not realize it, our eating habits can be harmful to the environment. Here are a few mindful practices that can make