Acqua Panna® is a 100% still natural spring water from Tuscany. Crafted by nature, it flows through the beautiful sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. Each drop is naturally filtered and perfected by time on its 14 year journey to the spring,

PICS Avocado Oil – New Item

PICS Avocado Oil – New Item PICS’ 100% Pure Cold Pressed Avocado Oil is extracted from the fleshy portion of the avocado fruit and is a great multi-purpose oil for general cooking and baking. It’s delicious mild flavor lends itself

PICS Cheese Curds-New Item

PICS CHEESE CURDS – NEW ITEM Packed with protein and high in calcium, these all natural Cheese Curds are an excellent nutritious snack item for kids and adults alike! Try them fresh as a finger food, fried with a honey

Nasoya Toss’ables – New Item

February 10, 2019Are you looking to add plant-based protein to your diet but have no idea what to do with that white block of tofu? Do you wonder how to sneak a healthy plant-based protein into the diet of the

PICS Kettle Popcorn-New Item

February 10, 2019PICS Kettle PopcornHave you seen our new PICS Kettle Corn?   The four varieties are lightly sweetened and salted to perfection.Honey BBQ Flavor – Wow! That sweet-sweet irresistible taste of honey combined with that savory blend of BBQ. Go ahead

Market 32 Maple Glazed Ham – New Item

Market 32 Maple Glazed Ham Looking for a Northeast twist on an old favorite? Introducing our new Market 32 Maple Glazed Ham. We took our classic Market 32 Off the Bone Ham and added a sweet, bold Maple Glaze.  Our

Skippy Fruit Peanut Butter Bites – New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs February 3, 2019 Are you ready for even more delicious fun? Made with real dried fruit, Skippy PB Fruit Bites come in two varieties:  strawberry flavored dried cranberry and dried grape –providing

Panera Organic Creamy Buttermilk Ranch-New Item

January 27, 2019 Panera Organic Creamy Buttermilk Ranch The salad dressing – and dip — we’ve all been waiting for. Whether you dip, dunk, drizzle or dollop, one thing is for sure: Americans love Ranch, and now you can enjoy

Milk Bone Wonder Bones – New Item

January 27, 2019 Introducing: Milk Bone Wonder Bones from the Smucker’s Pet Company Designed to make chewing a rewarding challenge Made in USA with No Artificial Flavors Easy on the Digestive System For over 100 years Milk Bone has been