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February Cheese of the Month🧀

Welcome to February! Amongst the cold and dreary weather of the winter, February proves to be a fan-favorite month due to a few different occasions: Valentine’s Day and the Big Game! Though these two days are vastly different, both can

Antipasto with premium quality cheese, stuffed peppers, antipasto salad and white wine

January Cheese of the Month!🧀

Happy New Year! Notorious for new beginnings, the new year is the perfect time to create new routines, take on a new hobby, travel to a new country . . . and buy a new cheese! Price Chopper/Market 32 is


Stay Hydrated with BODYARMOR!

The beginning of the year is a time that a lot of people like to rest their fitness and financial goals. Fear not, there is no need to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle to save money. Making smart choices is easier


Charmin New Item Alert!

Looking for an irresistibly soft toilet paper? Charmin has got you covered. Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll is the same great softness you love! More convenient, more value and all in our long-lasting roll, so you can change the roll

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New Items: Smithfield Marinated Pork

New Items: Smithfield Marinated Pork Calling all meat lovers! Variety is the spice of pork. Smithfield’s selection of slow-marinated and perfectly seasoned Marinated Fresh Pork means a new flavor every time. Now available at Price Chopper, Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork

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New Items: IHOP Coffee

New Items: IHOP Coffee Happiness is a cup of IHOP coffee. Enjoy one now in comforts of home and serve with a smile!  Try all IHOP’s pancake-inspired flavors, including: Fresh and smooth Signature Blend  Rich and Fudgy Chocolate Chocolate Chip

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New Items: BODYARMOR 20oz, 6 Packs

New Items: BODYARMOR 20oz, 6 Packs Well we thought we knew everything about BODYARMOR Sports Drink until this month when they dropped a brand new 6 pack 20oz package into our stores! In case you are new to the BODYARMOR

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New Items: Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream

Introducing the newest member of our sweet Dr Pepper family – Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream. We started with our unique blend of 23 flavors that we’ve been making since 1885. Then, we combined that distinctive Dr Pepper flavor with