Berry-licious Serves

At the Price Chopper/Market 32 Kids Cooking Club we are celebrating berry season! What’s on the menu? Blackberry Rollups Yum.  The blackberries in the produces aisles at our Price Chopper/Market 32 supermarkets are ready for picking! Check out how to

KID’S June Cooking Club Newsletter

June – Warm Weather & Summer Yum… Written by Jodi Fitz At the Price Chopper/Market 32 Kids Cooking Club, we are ready for warm weather recipes and a whole lot of summer yum! What’s on the Menu? Fruity Toast Fun Check

KIDS Cooking Club May Newsletter

Welcome May… Guest Contributor-Jodie Fitz At the Price Chopper/Market 32 Kids Cooking Club, we are excited about Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and overall food fun! What’s on the Menu? Baked Chicken Taquitos I just love these baked chicken taquitos,

Burlington Kids Day!

Join us at Kids Day – Vermont’s largest children’s celebration! Saturday, May 11 • 9:30am-3pm Waterfront Park, Burlington Kids can enjoy a parade, games, activities, entertainment, petting zoo…and more! FREE ADMISSION!

My Kids Won’t Eat Fish!

   by Sylvia Geiger MS, RD, CD, Price Chopper Community Nutritionist  As a Price Chopper community nutritionist, one comment I hear all the time is, “My kids won’t eat fish!” This complaint, often from fish-loving parents, is one I can relate