Brighten Up With Our Floral Department!

Brighten Up With Our Floral Department! Plants are essential to the world we live in. It’s been proven that plants and nature help us maintain a positive mood. They’ve been known to relieve stress and create a calming atmosphere. Whether

Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness

Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness  If you have been to our stores, you know that they are busy, and folks are grabbing items they feel they will need to manage during this unprecedented time. Given that it is still

The Family Fruit Bowl

The Family Fruit Bowl The family fruit bowl, fresh and fragrant, can make enjoying fruit easy and accessible for everyone that encounters it. Teach kids and cue your own appetite for wellbeing by creating that fresh display in your home

Diabetes Alert Day

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans are at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes? Additionally, 1 in 4 Adults with diabetes are unaware that they have the disease. Undiagnosed or poorly managed diabetes can have many serious complications

Care for your Heart

Heart Health…..Make it Routine Make it Routine…be your own health advocate & make checking your blood pressure part of your daily routine.  If you have high blood pressure, consider TYLENOL® for your pain. TYLENOL® does not elevate blood pressure like ibuprofen

Mealtime is Better Together: Make it Easy

The New Year and new decade has begun! Keep everyone happy and healthy eating together as often as possible, and enjoying some fun new meal and snack ideas. Using the new Know Your Colors nutrition guide can move your whole

A Quickstart Guide To Omega-3s

Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly when the best time is to start taking steps towards planning for the future. The endless possibilities can leave us feeling lost, while the things that are important to us keeps us

Introducing the Know Your Colors Program

Eating Well Together – Know Your Colors Leads the Way At Price Chopper and Market 32, we are committed to bringing our customers and communities the foods they love and resources to enjoy delicious, nutritious and healthy lives. That commitment