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Happy Vitamin C Day!

History Vitamin C Day was started in 2019 by a skincare company (Skinceuticals ®), when their scientists showed that some Vitamin C can be absorbed by the skin. This is an important find, as Vitamin C is a key nutrient

Shrimp rice with garlic spring onio, chives, red onions, red spicy pepper and lemon juice.

Value Meals; Calling All Shrimp Lovers!🦐

This week we are reeling in some delicious shrimp meals for all our shrimp fans! Our first meal highlights the delicious taste of garlic and soy sauce, while our second recipe explores the tropical flavor of sweet pineapple. Before we

National Nutrition Month

Celebrate Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist Day!

Celebrate Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist Day! It is one of my favorite days of the year – a day when I get to celebrate the work of my peers and how they improve wellbeing through the transformative power of nutrition, celebrated every

Cheeseburger made of meat burger, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion and pickled cucumber with baked potato and broccoli. Top view.

Value Meals; Meal Maker Magic!

Ground beef is a quintessential value meal maker – so many options, and not a lot of time required to make a great meal. The Market 32 Fresh 85% Lean Ground Beef Value Pack is 3 lbs., setting us up

Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner with Broccoli, Red Potatoes, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Onion and Thyme.

Value Meals; Your New Favorite EASY Recipes👀

Got a hungry crowd? These value meal ideas keep your budget and time under control while delivering hearty and delicious meals. Each meal should serve up to 4 people, all under $3 per person! Let’s take a closer look at

Oval baking dish of stuffed green peppers with selective focus on foremost pepper.

Effortless Eats for Busy Days

We are kicking off another month of value meals right to your inbox! We know you are knee-deep looking at recipes and ideas for your Big Game party food, so we’re sharing a couple of “pregame” ideas that will be

Heart shape of ketogenic low carbs diet concept. Ingredients for healthy foods selection on white wooden background. Balanced healthy ingredients of unsaturated fats for the heart and blood vessels.

Favorite Recipe for a Healthy Life

How are you? We hope this finds you well, and that you will find some of the information shared here as the resource it is meant to be – an opportunity to nourish and nurture the health of your heart

Breakfast served with coffee, orange juice, oat cereal, milk, fruits, eggs and toast. Balanced diet. Food background. View from above, top studio shot

New Meals for a New Year

Happy New Year! As we ease into the new year, it’s natural to desire a new routine and discover new foods. Though we say this, sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead and make time for new recipes that are tasty