American Dairy Association Celebrates Dairy Month!🥛

Written by our friends at the American Dairy Association

National Dairy Month is celebrated annually during June to recognize the contributions of the dairy industry and the hardworking dairy farmers behind the milk and dairy products making it to your grocery store shelves every day. This year, we want to focus on real milk and yogurt tubs to make a delicious, filling smoothie. What better time for an ice cold drink than summertime?

A smoothie made with real, wholesome milk or yogurt is a delicious way to get high-quality protein and other essential nutrients that your body needs to help fuel your day.

Use Real Dairy as the base of the smoothie.

  • Milk makes an excellent base for any smoothie. Milk has a significant amount of protein as well as a powerful package of 13 essential nutrients including calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin A, and several B vitamins. Add more or less milk depending on how thick you like your smoothie.
  • Yogurt also makes a great base for a smoothie. Yogurt is another excellent source of protein and 9 essential nutrients. Most yogurts are made with live and active cultures, and some also provide probiotics – or good bacteria – that may help maintain digestive health, boost immunity, fight infection and protect against diseases.

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Where does your milk come from?

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