Tomorrow is National Fresh Veggies Day: A Feast of Flavor & Fun!🥕

Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

‘Tis the season for fresh veggies! June 16th is a date to mark on your calendar with a splash of color and a burst of flavor—it’s National Veggies Day! This vibrant day isn’t just about eating more of this food group; it’s about embracing the joy and creativity that vegetables bring to our lives. From their stunning colors and intriguing shapes to their endless culinary possibilities, veggies offer a feast for the senses. Here’s how you can celebrate this delightful day with enthusiasm and creativity.

  1. Create a Rainbow Platter: Assemble a colorful platter of fruits and vegetables. Think red bell peppers, orange slices, yellow corn, green cucumbers, blue blueberries, and purple grapes. This not only looks stunning but also adds a festive touch to your dining table.
  2. Food Photography: If you’re into photography, fruits and vegetables make excellent subjects. Their vibrant colors and unique textures can inspire beautiful food photography.
  3. Fruit and/or Veggie Infused Water: Enhance your hydration with fruit or veggie-infused water. Add slices of lemon, cucumber, strawberries, or mint leaves to your water pitcher. It’s a simple yet refreshing way to enjoy the essence of fruits throughout the day.
  4. Try a new recipe: Incorporating more veggies into your diet does not have to be a hassle. This can be as simple as tossing in some chopped up veggies in your rice. Check out some summertime recipe ideas below!

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