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Create an online account or log into your existing account. 
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Start shopping. Once you’ve chosen your favorite items, pick a convenient time slot and check out.



Relax! Personal shoppers at your local store are trained to select the same fresh items you would choose.
Plus, you can leave notes about every item so that you get exactly what you want.
And if you forget something, just text your personal shopper before they’re done.  

Keep an eye out for notifications. Your personal shopper may have questions about substitutions! 



Park in the designated spots and let us know you’re here, either through the app or give us a call. We’ll bring the groceries to you.

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FAQ & Updates

Need help with your order? Below are some quick tips but be sure to check out our FAQ!

Instacart is how we offer our customers the convenience of grocery delivery and pickup service.  Instacart’s network of personal shoppers will grocery shop for you and either deliver your order directly to your doorstep  or have it ready for pickup. For all pickup orders, one of our teammates will bring your order out to you! All you need to do is park in the designated parking spot.

Payment is submitted online directly to Instacart. After creating your order and selecting a desired delivery time, you’ll be prompted to submit your payment via a secure credit or debit card transaction. Cash, checks, gift cards, and other forms of tender are not accepted as valid forms of payment at this time.

When payment is submitted online, your card will be charged with the anticipated charge for your items, including estimated taxes and fees. Any approved changes to your order during shopping can update the final total in your order receipt. These changes can include added items, replacement items, substituted items, or weighted items.

Instacart’s Customer Happiness Team can be reached 24/7 at (888) 246-7822. Instacart’s agents can issue refunds, route your feedback to the appropriate individuals, and answer any additional questions you might have.

You can also reach out to our customer service department at 1 (800) 666-7667 .

You may select a replacement item in case an item is not in stock. If you do not select a replacement, the shopper can pick one for you. They will use their best judgement to select the correct product or will message you for further details.
If an item is out of stock, your Personal Shopper will make an appropriate replacement and contact you to verify it. During checkout, you can pick which items you don’t want to be substituted by disabling substitutions on the checkout page. Just make sure the ‘allow’ button isn’t enabled on the checkout page!