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Pickup is this easy!



Create an online account or log into your existing account. 
Don’t forget to use your AdvantEdge Card so you earn points on every purchase.



Start shopping. Once you’ve chosen your favorite items, pick a convenient time slot and check out.



Relax! Personal shoppers at your local store are trained to select the same fresh items you would choose.
Plus, you can leave notes about every item so that you get exactly what want.
And if you forget something, just text your personal shopper before they’re done.  

Keep an eye out for notifications. Your personal shopper may have questions!



Park in the designated spot and call us to let us know you’re here. We bring the groceries to you!

Thanks. We love you too!

Make the most of grocery pickup!

Stay in your car...

No need to come inside. Park in the designated spot, call to let us know you’re here and we’ll bring your order to you curbside.

Shop with nutrition in mind.

Use the filters available as you order to choose specific nutrition attributes, like protein smart or low carb.

Shop using a saved grocery list.

Or a list from a previous order. Your favorites will already be added to your cart!

Pick up groceries before – and after – your trip

You can pick up what you need for a camping trip on your way out of town or pickup an order after your vacation, so you have groceries when you get home.

Plan meals online.

Use ordering your groceries as an opportunity to plan meals for the week.

Keep tabs on your grocery bill.

Use grocery pickup to avoid impulse shopping. Before checking out, look at your total so you know exactly how much you’re spending.

Want to know more?

Ordering is simple and can be done on any device. Order online or download the Instacart App for IOS or Android and select Price Chopper from the store menu.

choose Delivery instead...

Don’t have time to pick up your order? 
No problem, we’ll deliver it to your door. Simply select your delivery time when checking out and we’ll do the rest!