Keeping Food Safe Keeps Everyone Happy!

Ellie Wilson


We are always on the lookout for information and resources that can make life better, so we are kicking off National Food Safety Week with some more food safety tips, hacks, and helpers! June 7th is World Food Safety Day, and many organizations will be beating the drum to elevate food safety practices that help you and your family stay safe while enjoying great food!


Tip – Wash hands before handling food and while preparing raw foods.

Hack – My favorite reminder about washing hands came from a restaurant sign. The rest room sign we all know “Employees must wash hands before returning to work” was in place, and next to it was another sign that read “Wash your hands like you just cut up jalapenos and have to put your contacts in.” Effective!

Helper – A hand soap dispenser by each sink in your home makes it quick and easy to scrub up! Find dispensers and refills in the personal sanitation section of the store.


Tip – Wash fresh produce before preparing or eating. Our store teams handle produce with care, and you will benefit when you make it routine to wash fresh produce every time you pack it as a snack or chop it for a recipe.

Hack – Write “wash hands and produce” into those recipes you share with children, friends and family. That helps everyone learn and pass on food safety as part of their usual prep routine.

Helper – Find soft-bristled produce scrubbers in the kitchen section of your store!


Tip – Keep raw and cooked meat separate from each other and keep protein foods like meat and seafood separate from produce when prepping.

Hack – Prep words to live by – “Keep it simple and separate – 1 cutting board and 1 knife per food item.”

Helper – You can find color-coded cutting boards and kitchen knives in the kitchenware section of the store.

Make every day food safety day!


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