Our Frozen Favorites

Our Frozen Favorites March is Frozen Foods Month and we’re putting some of our favorite freezer bites in the spotlight. A combination of reliable easy meals, snacks, and desserts: there’s something in our freezer section for what you’re craving. Check

5 Uses for Maple Syrup Beyond Your Pancake Stack

It’s maple sugaring season in the Northeast, and we’re all amped up for local maple. Today’s lesson: Maple Syrup Beyond the Stack of Pancakes! Each winter as the weather starts to warm up, maple trees in our region produce sweet

Supermarket Word Find!

If you’re staying in, here’s a fun activity for both kids and adults. We’ve taken a few of our store departments and turned them into word finds. We’ve hidden words like FLORIST and TOMATO in these: can you find them?

Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness

Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness  If you have been to our stores, you know that they are busy, and folks are grabbing items they feel they will need to manage during this unprecedented time. Given that it is still

Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day: What’s the Story?

Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day: What’s the Story? Two of the most popular associations with St. Patrick’s Day are beer and the color green. People love to enjoy their favorite brews while celebrating in festive green attire. It’s all

The Family Fruit Bowl

The Family Fruit Bowl The family fruit bowl, fresh and fragrant, can make enjoying fruit easy and accessible for everyone that encounters it. Teach kids and cue your own appetite for wellbeing by creating that fresh display in your home

Master Your Kitchen with MasterChef Knives*!

Master Your Kitchen with MasterChef Knives*! Knives are a valuable culinary tool and a staple in every kitchen. Through April 18th, 2020, or while supplies last, you can start your MasterChef Knife collection by using your AdvantEdge Rewards points! Redeem your

2020 Census

What matters to you? Schools? Transportation? Hospitals? Less than one week ago, the 2020 Census fully kicked off, and invitations continue to arrive in mailboxes across the nation.  Currently, more than eleven million households have responded. America is stepping up to

Diabetes Alert Day

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans are at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes? Additionally, 1 in 4 Adults with diabetes are unaware that they have the disease. Undiagnosed or poorly managed diabetes can have many serious complications