KCC Veggie Bugs

KCC Veggie Bugs 1 – 14.5 oz. can of PICS chick peas 1 cup PICS baby carrots 1 garlic clove 3 tablespoons tahini paste 3 tablespoons PICS olive oil ¾ teaspoon PICS sea salt ½ teaspoon PICS onion powder Baby


National Hot Dog Day: Over the Top Toppings

National Hot Dog Day: Over the Top Toppings Today we celebrate a summertime, cookout classic – the hot dog! It’s National Hot Dog Day and we are cooking up ways to get creative with toppings. Of course, you have the

Lost Palate 6pk can (1) (1)

Goose Island Lost Palate. Juicy. Hazy. Mango(y).

Goose Island Lost Palate Hazy IPA. Juicy. Hazy. Mango(y). Lost Palate is dedicated to Jonny, a long time Goose Island employee. Jonny, and brewer Quinn, ideated this recipe after Jonny’s recent victorious battle with cancer. The recipe was inspired after

Orange camping tents in pine tree forest by the lake at Pang Oung Lake (Pang Tong reservoir), Mae hong son, Thailand.

Summer Camping Spots in the Northeast

Summer Camping Spots in the Northeast One of the best ways to enjoy the summer weather is by connecting with nature at one of the many breathtaking camping spots the Northeast has to offer. We are proud to call this


National Mac & Cheese Day: How Cheese Melts!

National Mac & Cheese Day There’s nothing like gooey, yummy, melted cheese. Essential for burgers, quesadillas, and of course mac & cheese. Today we are celebrating National Mac & Cheese Day and to do so, we are taking a deeper


Focused on Full Circle

Focused on Full Circle When it comes to our brands, we are focused on helping you save money on the products you want the most. We offer thousands of high-quality brand products in each department and aisle in our stores,


KCC Fruit Breakfast Pizza

Fruit Breakfast Pizza Recipe Ingredients 2 whole-wheat pitas4 tablespoons PICS honey1 tablespoon water¼ teaspoon PICS cinnamonPICS nonstick cooking sprayFresh fruit1/3 cup cream cheese, room temperature  Step-by-Step Directions Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.Stir together 2 tablespoons of honey with the

fried chicken blog header

National Fried Chicken Day!

National Fried Chicken Day! There are few things as American (or delicious) as fried chicken, and today on National Fried Chicken Day we want to give it its proper recognition. Fried chicken is an all-timer when it comes to comfort


Serving Up Summer Seafood

Serving Up Summer Seafood Seafood is always a great meal option, but in the summertime it just tastes better. Sitting on the deck or the patio, near water if possible, with a plate of yummy seafood is peak summer. With

deviled eggs

Different Ways to Deviled Egg

Different Ways to Deviled Egg Deviled Eggs are one of the best summertime appetizers and side dishes. Served cold, they are made to satisfy in the warm weather. The best part about these wonderful snacks is that you can get