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Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

We’re proud to partner with some of the best hot dog and sausage makers that call our region home. Many of our local partners are family businesses that have been open for decades, some even over a century! These fine meats, made only with the best ingredients, give our customers tasteful options year-round.

White Eagle: Schenectady, NY

White Eagle is a long-time local partner hailing from our hometown Schenectady! Caroline Bardwell launched this storefront in 2019 and eventually created an e-commerce website. Bardwell continues to connect the producer with the consumer all while supporting the local economy.

Sindoni’s Sausage: Altamont, NY

The Sindoni family opened their Italian Sausage business in 1920 in Schenectady, NY. In 2015, 95 years later, the business relocated to Altamont, NY. The new building is eight times larger than the previous one, which is much needed considering the business produces 5,000 to 9,000 pounds of sausage per week! With the fifth generation of Sindonis now working for the family business, Sindoni’s Sausage is due to keep expanding. They are open for business Monday through Thursday until noon.

Hofmann Sausage Co: Syracuse, NY

Hofmann Sausage Co. originated in Germany before making its way to Syracuse, New York. Now on its 143rd year of business, this company proudly serves high quality products including hot dogs, sausages, beef jerky, hunter sticks, and condiments year round!

Bilinski Sausage: Cohoes, NY

Stacie Waters is the CEO and Owner of Bilinski Sausage. After Waters graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science Degree, she came back to the Capital Region to advance the family business which specializes in chicken sausage. With Waters’ leadership, the business developed into only using chickens without antibiotics as well as non-GMO ingredients. Waters visits with all the chicken suppliers to ensure that the chickens are being raised properly. The way animals are treated and what her customers are consuming are extremely important to her! 

McKenzie’s Country Classics: Burlington, VT

John and Nellie McKenzie immigrated to Vermont in 1898 and developed their own farm. When Nellie began giving country hams as holiday gifts, word got out about the heavenly taste. The McKenzies never turned back. Today, McKenzie’s belief is, “Be good, do good, and bring good to as many people as we can.” This is why you will find only the finest meats and cheeses at McKenzie’s with no antibiotics or added growth hormones. They take pride in producing healthy, wholesome goods.


Martin Rosol’s: New Britain, CT

Martin Rosol opened his business in 1928 which took place in a converted garage with eight employees. The number of employees expanded as the business advanced with some working here for over 50 years! In addition to their store front, Martin Rosol’s also has an online store where you can find delicious kielbasa, sausage, frankfurters, and cold cuts. Martin Rosol’s manufacturers are famous for their “foot long” frankfurters! Check them out!

Chicopee Provision Co, Inc: MA

Chicopee Provision Co, Inc. has been open for almost 100 years! Not only have they been credited with manufacturing the world’s largest kielbasa, which was 600 pounds, they also take pride in their other delicious products. These include hot dogs, hot and sweet sausages, baked loaves, and more. There is quite a history with this business. The founders faced severe setbacks throughout the years. Flooding from the Connecticut River caused incredible damage to the plant and inventory in 1936, 1938, and 1955. During World War II, the plant almost closed due to the lack of beef and pork. While the war lasted five years, the company withstood these challenges and continued to be a favorite many years later.


Dino’s Sausage: Utica, NY

Originating in 1969, Dino’s Sausage began as an Italian deli before developing into a wholesale provider. Dino’s has gained a reputation over the years for providing superior meats as well as having a delivery service you can count on! Some of their products include Italian sausage, ground port, stick or sliced pepperoni, boneless chicken breast, portioned steak, and much more!

Dietz & Watson: Philadelphia, PA

Dietz and Watson a family-owned business, began in 1939. Their mission is, “To provide the best meat and cheese products on the market by adhering to our guiding principles: choice, quality, transparency, and family.” In addition to fine meats and cheeses, Dietz & Watson has a variety of snacks and condiments that are the perfect pairing for any meal. You can also find recipes on their website that fit all different needs. These include: gluten free, low sodium, keto, game day, vegetarian, and more.


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