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New Year Flowers Around the World

Happy New Year! Did you know that January 1st isn’t the only day that is referred to as “The New Year?” Around the world, there are various New Years that are celebrated on different days. That being said, what is

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It’s Bacon Day!

Happy National Bacon Day to all our bacon-lovers out there! At Price Chopper and Market 32, we carry a large variety of bacon, including turkey bacon and plant-based bacon. We have an option for everyone. Whether you enjoy your scrambled

Traditional christmas drink eggnog in glass with spices and  christmas lights on wooden background

Eggnog: Traditional, Dairy-Free, & Vegan!

December 24th is National Eggnog Day, which is very fitting for this time of year. Eggnog can be purchased in the Dairy Section at any of our Price Chopper and Market 32 locations. If you want to try and make

A bottle of maple syrup in a maple-leaf shaped bottle with New England fall foliage in background.

Sap to Syrup: Celebrating Maple Syrup Day

Today is a very important day; it’s National Maple Syrup Day! Maple syrup is used for so much more than just on pancakes or waffles. You can find maple syrup in cookies, drizzled on oatmeal, or even on your spaghetti!

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Create Meaningful Ornaments this Holiday Season🎄

The Christmas holiday is a beautiful time of year. For many people, ornaments are continuously collected from their children while in grade school, family trips, and other memories throughout the years. No matter your age, you are never too old


Sleep For a Better Quality of Life

Not getting adequate sleep can greatly interfere with everyday life. It is so important, improving sleep habits and quality have been added to the Life’s Essential 8 lifestyle factor list by the American Heart Association, a roadmap to protecting heart

Happy National Poinsettia Day!  

Happy December 12th! Did you know that today is National Poinsettia Day? These beautiful red flowers are a holiday staple, as their vibrant color and immense beauty bring life to any space you decide to place it! With the holiday


Festive Holiday Drink Ideas🍸

‘Tis the season to sip and savor! As the holidays approach, there’s no better time to elevate your festive gatherings with festive drink recipes. Whether you’re hosting a cozy family get-together, a spirited office party, or simply looking to add


Let’s Make a Chanukah Arrangement🕎

Chanukah is a holiday that lasts for eight days in which people celebrate with traditions, foods, games, and family. Even though flowers aren’t technically a staple to this holiday, they certainly could be! If you’re planning on having a family