Ham Carving Tips with Frick’s Quality Meats

Carving a Ham: The Basics For some, carving a ham may seem like a daunting task. However, once you get the hang of it, it isn’t all that bad. A ham is only made up of three bones: the shank at

Kitchen Knives 101

Do you know which knife to use? Knives are an essential kitchen tool and are a worthy investment for any cook. Knife blades can be made of different metals with benefits and drawbacks. Carbon steel blades are easily sharpened due

It’s time for the Keene Ice and Snow Festival

Join Price Chopper at the Keene Ice & Snow Festival Saturday, February 2 • 10am–4pm Downtown Keene, NH, Central Square/Railroad Square Free Admission! www.monadnocktravel.com Keene Ice and Snow Festival To see what else is happening In Our Community visit: https://www.pricechopper.com/about-us/our-community

It’s Paczki Time!

It’s Paczki Time! Want to hear something sweet? Paczki are back! We love these Polish treats and they’re one of our main sources of happiness following the holiday season, after we’ve taken our decorations down. Paczki are polish donuts that

Mealtime is Better Together 1/5

Can Crazy week is a great time to stock up – canned foods connect budget and benefit in delicious, nutritious ways. Canned foods bring so much to the table – prepped and ready fruits, vegetables, and proteins like chicken, beans

Happy New Year!

Written by Jodie Fitz We are excited to launch the New Year with a whole new menu of recipes at the Price Chopper/Market 32 Kids Cooking Club. We are kicking off January with a tasty start. What’s on the menu? 

10 Ways (Besides Pizza) to Use Pizza Dough

Everyone loves a good pizza, but sometimes you’re in the mood for something different. What if you have pizza dough at home, but don’t necessarily want pizza? There are more ways to put it to use than you might think.

New Flavors from Minute Rice

NEW FLAVORS FROM MINUTE RICE Whether you are missing ingredients or running out of time to get something on the table for the family, mealtime is always a last-minute preparation occasion. Have no fear, as the newest line of Minute®