United Way

United Way needs your help now more than ever! Round up your change at checkout and support the United Way’s COVID-19 Response. We have kicked things off with a $25,000 donation. Your generosity helps connect our community members with resources

Brighten Up With Our Floral Department!

Brighten Up With Our Floral Department! Plants are essential to the world we live in. It’s been proven that plants and nature help us maintain a positive mood. They’ve been known to relieve stress and create a calming atmosphere. Whether

5 Price Chopper Pantry Favorites

5 Price Chopper Pantry Favorites If you’re staying in like many folks are during this time, you’re probably becoming better friends with your pantry or food storage drawers. We’re in the same boat! With this in mind, we’ve assembled a

Our Frozen Favorites

Our Frozen Favorites March is Frozen Foods Month and we’re putting some of our favorite freezer bites in the spotlight. A combination of reliable easy meals, snacks, and desserts: there’s something in our freezer section for what you’re craving. Check

5 Uses for Maple Syrup Beyond Your Pancake Stack

It’s maple sugaring season in the Northeast, and we’re all amped up for local maple. Today’s lesson: Maple Syrup Beyond the Stack of Pancakes! Each winter as the weather starts to warm up, maple trees in our region produce sweet

Supermarket Coloring Sheets!

Much like our Supermarket Word Find, our coloring sheets are fun for everyone! To print these, just save each image to your desktop and print. Happy coloring! Be on the look out for more activities in the coming weeks. Share

Supermarket Word Find!

If you’re staying in, here’s a fun activity for both kids and adults. We’ve taken a few of our store departments and turned them into word finds. We’ve hidden words like FLORIST and TOMATO in these: can you find them?

Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness

Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness  If you have been to our stores, you know that they are busy, and folks are grabbing items they feel they will need to manage during this unprecedented time. Given that it is still

Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day: What’s the Story?

Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day: What’s the Story? Two of the most popular associations with St. Patrick’s Day are beer and the color green. People love to enjoy their favorite brews while celebrating in festive green attire. It’s all