World Food Safety Day – Prepare for the Unexpected!

Ellie Wilson


June 7th is World Food Safety Day, set to create awareness and good practices that keep us all healthy and enjoying good food. This is the 6th World Food Safety Awareness Day, created by the World Health Organization and the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) to highlight the need for good practices that help us prevent, detect and manage food safety concerns.

We have a global food supply, whether produce and other commodities travel across the county, or around the world before reaching our stores and homes.  Food safety practices and traceability are critical to keeping us all safe.  

Why is this so important?

Food-borne illness is almost completely preventable. Children, elderly, and those with chronic illness are at the highest risk for adverse outcomes in any emergency, so it pays to be prepared for unexpected emergencies.  Being prepared, especially during times of crisis or emergency, reduces the risk of encountering bacteria, viruses, parasites and contaminants that cause over 200 different illnesses.  Many of these concerns are on the radar and actively managed, but there is no replacement for the most important protection, your own healthful food safety habits. Check out the top 5 tips to prevent food safety issues on this video here.

Helping our customers feed and care for their family is part of our mission. That is why we have shared these important resources. Food safety is everyone’s business!

Check out some great information and guides shared by The Partnership for Food Safety Education:

Find more resources at World Food Safety Day 2024 ( and Partnership for Food Safety Education (


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