Spring into Spring with Pansies!

Written By: Mark Larose from Garden State Growers It’s March, and whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting your journey into this wonderful hobby, one thing is for sure. Luck favors the prepared!   I like to approach my garden

Piñata Apples- An Apple with a Tropical Twist!

Tyler Blance- Produce Merchandising The month of January brings about a lot of things. For many of us in the northeast, January typically means a lot of snow and cold weather, and a lot of shoveling that snow and bearing

Local Cider Season is in Full Swing!

Written by:  Tyler Blance- Produce Merchandising It’s October, and the leaves are colorful and falling off the trees!  That means it’s time for a few things; apple picking, pumpkin carving, and of course: apple cider!  Cider season is something we

Start the Day with Quaker!

Studies show that starting off the day with a wholesome meal can do wonders for your health and well-being. This is even more important for kids because breakfast provides them with the nutrients they need to be active in the morning

Small Town Sweet Corn!

Written by: Tyler Blance Produce Merchandising It’s August in the Northeast, and the tassels on the corn stalks are swayin’ in the breeze!  Locally grown sweet corn is in full-swing this time of year, and we couldn’t be more excited

Stemilt Cherries- Coming From the Mountains!

Written by: Tyler Blance- Produce Merchandising Cherries are a classic fruit that everyone is familiar with.  When you’re shopping at your local Price Chopper this time of year, chances are you’ll find a freshly-stocked and vibrant cherry display.  I’m here

Get Ready for #LocallyGrown Season!

Written by Tyler Blance- Produce Merchandising Local Produce in our Brand New Marshalls Creek Store!     Last week, we cut the ribbon and opened the doors of our brand new store in Marshalls Creek Pennsylvania, built in the beautiful countryside

Get Healthy with Produce for Kids!

Produce for Kids® and Price Chopper are partnering for the Get Healthy, Give Hope campaign to raise funds for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. From June 16 to July 27, the more produce you add to your shopping list, the

Introducing Iron Chef America Home Meal Kits!

        Iron Chef America combines the spirit of competition, creativity and the art of cooking – whether you are a professional chef or an aspiring kitchen warrior – there is an Iron Chef that lives in us