Go Crazy for National Coconut Week!

Go Crazy for National Coconut Week! Happy National Coconut Week! Yes, coconuts actually have their own week and this year we are celebrating from August 23rd to the 30th. This tropical fruit may have you dreaming of being on an


Vegetable Storage Hacks!

Vegetable Storage Hacks! If you are someone that enjoys growing a garden in the summer and is dedicated to taking care of it, you may be experiencing an overflowing volume of vegetables. While having a surplus is a good thing,


Summer Produce Power!

Price Chopper and Market 32 are Produce Proud, and kicking off July with beautiful options, and  AdvantEdge points for produce purchases. https://www.pricechopper.com/rewards/  Make half of your plate fruits and veggies at snacks and meals, and you will reap the benefits


6 Reasons to Try Home Delivery for Your Groceries

Time is so valuable these days, and people are always looking for ways to become more efficient in how they spend their time. Think about your typical weekend: you go grocery shopping, you clean the house, you do laundry. Before


New From Market 32: Chefs’ Menu

Written by Sarah Palmer It’s never been easier to cook like a chef! Market 32 presents Chefs’ Menu, an easy way to cook gourmet meals at home in less than 15 minutes! Look for the Chefs’ Menu offering in the