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There are so many ways to redeem your AdvantEdge Rewards points!

Redeem and pay down college debt!

Chip away at a student loan for you or a loved one with Rewards points.

Redeem and give back!

Pay it forward with a donation to charity.

(Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Heart Association, World Central Kitchen, and Prevent Child Abuse)

Redeem for young learners!

Support Tools for Schools with your Rewards points and make a difference in the classroom.

Redeem for a chance to win!

Use your Rewards points to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win some very cool prizes.


Use your AdvantEdge Card at checkout to redeem for food savings.


Swipe your card at Sunoco stations to redeem for fuel savings.

 (you’ll receive 5¢ off per gallon* of gas for every $100 you spend on groceries).


Ship to home

Redeem your points to have exclusive products
shipped directly to your door.


Magazine Subscriptions

Start redeeming your points for magazine subscriptions!
Get immediate access to the most popular magazine titles, both print and digital! 

Redeem for Special items

Redeem for limited time offers like the
MasterChef Knife collection.

How to earn points

Use your AdvantEdge Card in-store or online to earn points when you buy groceries
at Price Chopper, Market 32 and Market Bistro.

How points convert

$1 spent = 1 point earned

100 points = $1 off groceries OR 5¢ off a gallon of gas*

*Up to 20 gallons

Points Food Savings Gas Savings (per gallon*)
100 $1 off 5¢ off
200 $2 off 10¢ off
300 $3 off 15¢ off
400 $4 off 20¢ off
500 $5 off 25¢ off

Keep an eye out for BONUS POINT events – pile up the points faster and get bigger savings!


What is AdvantEdge Rewards?

AdvantEdge Rewards is our promotion that allows you to earn points when you shop. Points can be redeemed for savings on a future order at any Price Chopper or Market 32 location for more exclusive options online at

What are my AdvantEdge Rewards points worth?

100 points = $1.00 off groceries at any Price Chopper or Market 32 location, or 5¢ off per gallon of gas at participating Sunoco stations (up to 20 gallons).

Rewards points also have more exclusive options found online at

Where can I earn AdvantEdge Rewards points?

You can earn points at all Price Chopper, Market 32 or Market Bistro locations, or by shopping online at

What purchases are excluded from earning AdvantEdge Rewards points?

Offer excludes purchases of Price Chopper and Market 32 gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, money orders, Western Union, lottery tickets, postage stamps, entertainment tickets, bottle deposits, copy/fax services, taxes and other items prohibited by law.

How do I earn AdvantEdge Rewards points?

You earn 1 point for every dollar spent with your AdvantEdge Card every time you purchase qualifying items at any Price Chopper, Market 32, or by shopping online at Points are earned in whole dollar increments.

How can I see how many AdvantEdge Rewards points I have earned?

AdvantEdge Rewards point balances are printed on your receipt, found in your profile on the Price Chopper mobile app or at, as well as shown in your account at