Field with yellow sunflowers at sunset, in summer.

Let’s Learn About Sunflowers!🌻

Happy August! As the excitement of summer starts to dwindle down, kids prepare to go back to school, and the air slowly starts to feel crisp and cool. You may be thinking this is the time when flowers are beginning


Let’s Make Ice Cream Cone Bouquets!💐

Happy Summer! What better way to fight the heat on a warm day than an ice cream cone? Well, how about flowers? Okay, maybe flowers aren’t a great way to beat the heat, but they’re certainly beautiful. How fun would


Create a Beautiful Pressed Creation!

It’s wedding season, which means it’s time for unforgettable memories and an endless supply of pictures, videos and . . . flowers! Without fail, most weddings utilize flowers in center pieces, bouquets, and floral arrangements. Though these beautiful floral pieces


You’ve Got to Move It!

Every January, you resolve to get more active and be better connected to your health, and, for many, life happens, and your plans get moved aside. But you know you will feel better, lower blood pressure, maintain healthier weight, strengthen

halloween blog header

Pumpkin Carving, Spooky Snacks, & More!

Pumpkin Carving, Spooky Snacks, & More! Halloween night is always exciting for the little ones. They get to dress up as anything or anyone, load their bags with more candy than they can possibly consume, and enjoy many laughs with


Spot The Differences

Check out our 2 photos below. There are ten differences between these: can you spot the differences?Share your marked photo (mark the photo on the bottom) in the comments on our Facebook post.Stay well!


Supermarket Coloring Sheets!

Much like our Supermarket Word Find, our coloring sheets are fun for everyone! To print these, just save each image to your desktop and print. Happy coloring! Be on the look out for more activities in the coming weeks. Share


Supermarket Word Find!

If you’re staying in, here’s a fun activity for both kids and adults. We’ve taken a few of our store departments and turned them into word finds. We’ve hidden words like FLORIST and TOMATO in these: can you find them?