Ways to Save

LOVE TO SAVE? the advantedge card IS YOUR answer.

The AdvantEdge Card. Sign up now and save!

AdvantEdge cardholders can enjoy more savings online and in store every day with the new Advantedge Rewards program. Use it and you’ll receive instant savings with exclusive money-saving specials, discounts and promotions.

It also offers you savings on community events. And when you create an AdvantEdge account, you can access weekly specials and more!

A Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card is our way of rewarding loyal customers with more value on the things you need and use every day. Just swipe your card for discounts on groceries, fuel for your vehicle*, prescriptions and events and attractions in your area.

It’s easy to get a Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card. Just visit the Customer Service counter at your local Price Chopper to sign up, or apply for your card online.

Price Chopper and Market 32 do not sell or give customers’ names or addresses to any outside companies.

You can earn AdvantEdge Rewards discounts at any participating Price Chopper, Market 32 or Market Bistro location in New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Massachusetts. 

AdvantEdge Rewards is not Pennsylvania – PA continues to enjoy Fuel AdvantEdge.  Fuel AdvantEdge promotion is not available in NH.


Yes! Have your full-sized AdvantEdge card or key tag scanned every time you make a purchase at Price Chopper – including purchases in the Floral department, Deli, Bakery or Food Court. There are some exclusions, however. See the related FAQ question, “What purchases are excluded from earning discounts?”

There is NO LIMIT to how many discounts you can earn.

You don’t lose credit for the amount you spent above the discount-earning level. Any amount you spend over that level remains on your account, and will be available for your next visit. The next time you visit, your purchases and the “carry over” from your prior trip are added together to determine your new discount level. If you spend less than the discount-earning level, that’s OK too – we keep track of what you spend and apply it toward the discount level the next time you shop.

This offer excludes purchases of alcohol, tobacco, dry cleaning, Price Chopper/Market Bistro/Market 32 brand gift cards, variable rate Mastercard and Visa cards, general purpose reloadable cards, money orders, Western Union, lottery tickets, postage stamps, entertainment tickets, event passes, video rentals, bottle deposits, copy/fax services, taxes and other items prohibited by law.

You can redeem your food discounts in-store and fuel at participating Sunoco stations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Fuel AdvantEdge promotion is not available in New Hampshire.  AdvantEdge Rewards is not in PA

Go to Sunoco and follow these easy steps:

Paying with cash: Bring your AdvantEdge Card inside to the station attendant before filling up
Paying with Credit/Debit:

  • At the pump, press “Yes” when asked if you have an AdvantEdge Card.
  • Wait for the prompts to instruct you to insert your “wallet-size” AdvantEdge Card to lower the price.
  • Wait for the prompts to instruct you to insert your credit or debit card to pay.
  • Your discount will be displayed and the price will automatically drop.
  • Select payment option and pump your discounted gas.

If you’ve earned discounts worth more than the per-gallon price, your remaining discounts will be saved automatically for a future visit.

Discounts can be used on only one fill-up and cannot exceed 20 gallons per fill-up. For your safety and to prevent the risk of fire, only one vehicle can be filled up per transaction. No gas cans can be used. Only valid on gasoline and diesel fuel (where available). Discounts above the price per gallon of gas will be saved on your AdvantEdge Card for use on a future visit. Due to limitations of some fuel dispensers, the price of gas cannot be lowered below 10¢ per gallon. No cash back. Discounts have no cash value and are not valid with any other offer. Not subject to doubling. Price Chopper/Market 32 is not responsible for reimbursement of discounts due to lost, stolen or misused cards. Each transaction is limited to 20 gallons, which allows most customers to fill up one tank of gas. Once you reach your 20 gallon limit, the pump will stop.

Yes. You have the choice to either use all your discounts on the fill-up or not use any. You can’t use only a portion of your discount. But, if you have more discounts than the price of gas, then any remaining discounts will stay on your card for a later visit.

Yes, discounts are valid on gasoline and diesel fuel where available.



Discounts you earn will expire on a rolling schedule, two months from the last day of the month in which they were earned.

ENJOY Food or Fuel Savings

Saving on food or fuel purchases with your AdvantEdge Card is super easy. To earn points,  just swipe your AdvantEdge Card when paying for your groceries and watch your points grow.  Redeem in store for food or head to one of the 300+ Sunoco locations near you to redeem your Fuel AdvantEdge discount on fuel  (where you’ll receive .05¢ off per gallon* of gas for every $100 you spend on groceries).

*Up to 20 gallons per fillup. Fuel AdvantEdge promotion not available in NH.  

iSave Coupons

As an AdvantEdge Card member, you qualify for iSave coupons, which entitle you to special savings and instant discounts. Simply scan your card at an iSave coupon dispenser near the store entrance, then shop using your iSave coupon sheet, and save money at the register when you redeem your coupons. Talk about one-stop savings!

AdvantEdge e-Coupons

An AdvantEdge account lets your access a variety of e-Coupons. To load e-Coupons to your AdvantEdge card, simply browse through available e-Coupons by clicking here. Click “Save” on the coupons you want. The discounts apply automatically when qualifying items are scanned during checkout. Saving money has never been easier!

Track Your Savings

Our digital tools make it easier than ever to track AdvantEdge cardholder activity and balances.  Sign into the site and download the new app to stay connected to the savings that are waiting for you!