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Gluten Free Foods

A guide to making smart food choices

Interest in Gluten Free foods is high – unlike a few years ago, there are many gluten free choices for those seeking foods to meet their health and lifestyle needs.

The Know Your Colors Gluten Free nutrition guide and shelf tag makes finding Gluten Free items easy and quick, throughout the store! The blue nutrition guide highlights items that meet ingredient and gluten content standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Items labeled gluten free must not contain more than 100 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye grains.

At Price Chopper/Market 32, over 4000 items meet the FDA regulation standard according to the claim on their packaging, and can be found easily throughout the store with the Know Your Colors Gluten Free shelf tag, or through the Shop Online webpage.  

A quick rule of thumb – fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood are naturally gluten free, when they do not have additional ingredients, seasonings or sauces.

Learn more about the Gluten Free FDA regulations here:

Look for the color indicators ‣

Each nutrition attribute has a unique color – “Heart Smart” is red, “Organic” is dark green. Look for the color bars on the shelf tag, or explore the color icons when you shop online. Scanning for colors at the shelf makes it quick and easy to find Low Sodium foods (yellow), Carb Smart foods (orange) or Gluten Free items (Blue). Shopping with your kids? Make it a game and energize your whole family to eat well! That is smart food shopping, simplified.

Carry your colors with you! Download our guide to making smart food choices.

1. On shelf tags in store

Color bars can be found here on the shelf tags

2. Online


Online icons can be found on the shopping page

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Please consult your healthcare provider and/or registered dietitian-nutritionist for information directly relating to individual health needs. Read the entire food label to get complete information on any product. It is anticipated that the Know Your Colors standards may be updated or changed as national guidelines, including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, are revised to include new evidence and science. ( Please contact our Consumer Services Department with any questions. 

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