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Kid's Cooking Club

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Kids clapping as they bake

We are so excited to celebrate dads on Father’s Day with recipes from the Price Chopper/Market 32 Kids Cooking Club that the kids can make!  Of course, these recipes are great all year long and are filled with all kinds of kid food fun and lots of recipe-making lessons that can be discovered through your kitchen activities.

What’s on this month’s menu?

Blueberry Pancakes
Check out these blueberry pancakes!  They are deliciously sweet and don’t need any syrup.  Learn how to mix and flip your way to a delicious breakfast the whole family will enjoy.  These are great for Father’s Day or for summer sleepovers or just because you love pancakes…

Baseball Pita Pizzas
Do you have a baseball fan in your house?  Check out these easy, but scrumptious baseball pita pizzas with a flavor twist you’ll love.  This combo has become a family favorite and it’s great for entertaining and birthday parties along with Father’s Day fun…

Football Pies
Maybe you also have a football fan in your household.  We’ve got dessert covered for the dad who happens to enjoy the sport!  Follow these easy directions to a memorable Father’s Day Sweet Treat (and remember these are great for future birthday celebrations).

Looking for a few other ideas?  Check out our archives and search for our Fisherman Friendly Quesadilla (no real fish is used in this recipe), our homemade sports chips served with guacamole and/or our baseball breakfast quesadillas.

We hope you enjoy taste testing and experimenting with this month’s recipes.  Next month we’re celebrating the start of summer in the kitchen.  

Until then, keep messing it up and mixing it up at your counters because it’s all about making memories in the kitchen!

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Keep Up With Jodie Keep Up With Jodie This month the Kids Cooking Club is also visiting the Mechanicville Summer Camp, Mechanicville, NY;  Club House Summer Camp, Halfmoon, NY; and Pavillion Summer Camp, Halfmoon, NY. If you'd like The Kids Cooking Club to visit your school or event please email Jodie at [email protected].