FMM logo This last week of April is national All Kids Healthy Week, celebrated in schools and communities across the country. Spring is a busy, fun time for families, but sports and activities can make it hard to eat well and enjoy a family meal. What’s one way to stay connected and eat well? Flour tortillas help you wrap up a quick meal you can enjoy together – these fun recipes can travel wherever your busy schedule takes you!   CornellWant to learn more? Check out the Family Mealtimes Matters events in 26 New York stores (list below) on Thursday, 4/27 and Saturday, 4/29, from 11-3. Coupons, fun with Facebook, and other great information will be shared. If you can’t make the event, try this great Apple Wrapples recipe featuring our own PICS brand whole wheat flour tortillas – everyone will love it for a snack or quick meal!   wraps Apple Wrapples   Adapted from Cooking Rinse and cut apple in half, lengthwise. Remove stems and center core. Do not peel. Lay apple halves flat side down and cut into ¼ inch thick slices. Leave as is or cut into small cubes. Peel bananas and break into pieces. Use a fork to mash until creamy and smooth. Add peanut butter to bananas and stir well to blend. Spread peanut butter mixture over one side of each tortilla. Lay apple slices down or sprinkle apple cubes. Tightly roll each tortilla, and cut each wrap in half. Chill until ready to serve, up to one day. Number of servings – 4 Calories 190/ Calories from Fat 50/ Total Carb 35 grams/ Fiber 5 grams/ Protein 5 grams — For more information, please visit:; — Store List: 1 – Eastern Parkway 23 – Madison Avenue Market 32 45 – Delaware Avenue Market 32 46 – Canton 102 – Watertown 133 – Westgate 134 – Oneonta 139 – Amsterdam 158 – Route 50, Saratoga Springs 161 – Norwich 166 – Malone 168 – Plattsburgh Market 32 172 – Erie Boulevard 174 – Western Lights 175 – Altamont Avenue 178 – Cortland 181 – Hudson Valley Plaza Market 32 195 – Gloversville Market 32 218 – Delhi 225 – Madison Marketplace 226 – Oswego 245 – Watervliet — Written by Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist Written by Maureen Murphy shrimp.jpgAlthough it’s the season for holiday parties and special meals it’s also the season when many people find themselves gaining an extra 5-7 lbs. from overindulging in sweets, dips, and more. With a few simple tips and modifications your guests will still enjoy the party and their hips will thank you come January!   Simple tips & cooking modifications:   Written By: Ellie Wilson, MS, RD  Senior Nutritionist, Price Chopper Supermarkets “Cool as a cucumber” – you can be all that enjoying the farm- fresh cucumbers in the stores right now from farmers like Walter Czajkowski and Mary McNamara at Plainville Farm in Plainville, CT. Cucumbers have a clean, mild flavor and they can star or be a supporting player in salads, salsas, and pickles. Have you ever made your own pickles? It is so easy – try Mary’s easy bread and butter pickle recipe. Everything you need, including the mason jars, are in your store. Sterilize 3 jars by covering them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Allow to cool. Pack cucumbers and onions in layers a wide mouth mason jar. Mix remaining ingredients and pour over the vegetables. Store in the refrigerator. For the first 2 days shake jar to mix well. Enjoy! Those same cucumbers are great in a cucumber and onion salad – just slice cucumbers and onions thinly (try sweet onions for this salad!). Add Ken’s Light Italian dressing and serve. Couldn’t be easier! kens-logo-presentation Summer is also grilling time, so putting together a quick and easy grilled meal for friends and family is fun and fresh! Peppers are also coming in – our friends at Blackhorse farms have beautiful peppers in the stores, and they can be enjoyed in this super summer recipe from Eating Well. The shrimp is on sale, and all of the ingredients are waiting for you. Delicious, and my favorite part – it is all really good and good for you. Enjoy!