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Our Pharmacy team is committed to providing you and your family affordable health care by saving you money on prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and foods that make it easy to eat well. Plus, we offer the convenience of one-stop shopping.


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Pharmacy Locations

Pharmacy Locations

Price Chopper operates full-service pharmacies in more than 85 locations across 6 states. Find a Price Chopper Pharmacy near you.
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Download our app

Download Our Pharmacy App

Refill prescriptions anytime, anywhere! Pickup, refill and dosage reminders. Receive a text message or push notification as soon as a prescription is ready. Manage prescriptions for the entire family from one account.
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Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

Price Chopper Specialty Pharmacy assists patients with the treatment of chronic conditions. It provides complete, convenient and personalized service to patients with chronic or complicated health conditions, providing them access to specialty medications.
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Diabetes AdvantEdge

Free Diabetes Medication, Supplies, and Meters

With our Diabetes AdvantEdge Plan, we offer free diabetes medication and diabetes supplies. For more information or if you have questions on how to manage your diabetes, please ask your pharmacist.
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RxAdvantEdge Card


Save money instantly with discounted prices on all brand and generic prescriptions, including 100 pills for only $9.99.
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Our Pharmacists are certified immunizers and can provide you and your family with the immunizations you need.
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Ask a Pharmacist

Ask a Pharmacist

When you need clear answers about medications from someone you can trust, you could talk to your doctor and ask a Price Chopper Pharmacist.
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