Who does the shopping?

Our employees are staffed in house to ensure the best customer service possible. They handpick only the best produce and go out of their way to select the best items. They pay close attention to expiration dates and carefully handle delicate items like eggs and bottles. Once they are finished shopping, they are the same employees that will greet you at your car and help you get your groceries.

Picky Shopper?

We’ve got you covered! Feel free to leave our shopper a note if you have certain preferences on your grocery and household items. You can also message them in real time as they are doing your shopping.

Meet MaryAnne

When you pick up your online grocery order you’ll be delighted to see MaryAnne’s friendly face smiling back. She has been working with us for 38 years. She started her journey in stores at the cash office and is now excited to be shopping for our guests. It allows MaryAnne to converse with all of them she has come to know and to do what she loves, shopping for groceries! She says “our regulars are going to be so excited!”

Meet Sharon

Sharon loves doing the shopping for families. When asked about her favorite things, she says, “customers can be free and open with the shoppers because they are able to form such a bond. They can be themselves when working with us, their usual shoppers.” Sharon started working at Market Bistro 7 years ago as a cashier and is very happy to be shopping for guests guests now. She loves cooking, traveling and spending time with her grandchildren. She wouldn’t miss a grandkids game if she didn’t have to. She is just as devoted to her family as she is to her job.