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The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older receive a flu shot every year. People in high risk groups are particularly sensitive to severe illness, hospitalizations, and even death from influenza so it is very important that we all get vaccinated.

Flu shots are covered by most insurance plans with NO copay. Walk-ins are welcome with no appointment needed. We also carry a wide range of flu remedies and are happy to help you choose what’s best for you.

Must be at least 9 years of age to receive flu vaccine in MA, NY and PA, and at least 18 years of age to receive flu vaccine in CT, NH and VT Pharmacies. Stop by the Pharmacy for further details.

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Flu FAQs

Can the flu shot give me the flu?​

No! Flu vaccines are made using dead viruses or pieces of the virus’s genetic code that don’t have the capability to cause illness. It takes 1-2 weeks for your body to develop immunity after receiving the flu shot, another good reason to get your shot early this season!



Why do I need to get a flu shot every year?

Each year the flu virus changes, undergoing mutations that can make the previous vaccinations ineffective. Getting a flu shot yearly ensures you have immunity from the latest strain of the flu.

Is getting a flu shot the only thing I can do to prevent catching the flu?

While the flu vaccine is the single best way to avoid the flu, there are many things you can do to protect yourself. Frequent hand washing and avoiding those with the flu can go a long way to prevent it from spreading. If you do fall ill it is important to stay home, cover all coughs/sneezes, and limit contact with those around you.

Flu Season Is Almost Here

With flu season quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about getting your flu vaccine. It is estimated by the CDC that the flu results in between 9.2 million and 35.6 million illnesses each year in the United States. Only approximately 47% of people got a flu vaccine during the 2016-2017 season. It is always best to get your flu vaccine as early as possible because it takes 2 weeks for your body to gain protection. You want to make sure you are covered before you may come into contact with the virus. It is important for patients of all ages to get the flu vaccine. Even if you don’t believe you are at high risk, you can do your part to keep those around you who ARE at high risk safe (infants, elderly, immune suppressed) by not passing along the flu.