We all love our pets! We’ve got savings on the best brands to keep your pups and kittens happy and healthy. Check out the items below for everything from top-notch pet food and treats your furry companion will love. Even better, take a look at some of our very own Price Chopper and Market 32
four-legged families!

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Meet our Pet Panel!

Sophie Peaches • Barketing Analyst

Sophie Peaches is a Redbone Coonhound who hails from Amsterdam, NY. An avid terrain-sniffer, hiker and occasional runner, Sophie works tirelessly to ensure that Price Chopper & Market 32’s pet
product variety remains top-tier at all times.
She’s particularly fond of chip roll chews.

Leena W. • Barketing Coordinator

Leena, aka Beano, is a 4-year-old Black Lab / German Shepard mix. She loves fetching her frisbee, playing with other dogs, and hanging out with her family. Her only ask is that you give her attention 24/7, please and thank you.

Chester T. • Meowketing Coordinator

Chester was rescued on Halloween in 2020. He is the kindest boy whose favorite thing to do is eat treats. Like most pets, his least favorite thing to do is go to the vet. While it may take Chester some time to warm up to you, he will become your best friend in no time.

Luna T. • Meowketing Coordinator

Luna was rescued in November of 2021. She is by far the sweetest girl ever, and greets you right at the door. Luna loves people and will kiss you if given the opportunity! Her favorite thing to do is wake her family up at 3:00 AM for breakfast each morning.

Oliver C. • Digital Purr-signer

Oliver – Ollie for short, loves attention and being around people. He is particularly fond of fuzzy toy mice and cat nip sacks. When he isn’t burrowing into a comfy blanket or pillow he tends to like to scour our weekly flyer (or rather lay on it) looking for deals on his favorite treats and snacks.

Marlo C. • Digital Purr-signer

Marlo is a rootin’ tootin’ little ball of energy. In his free time he likes to play with his toy mice, toy sushi and cat nip ball. When he isn’t playing with his toys he likes to run around with his brother Oliver at all hours of the night.
“Meowdy Partner” -Marlo 2024

Furry Friends of the Northeast

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