Heart Health Foods

A guide to making smart food choices

The Heart Smart shopping guide includes nutrition standards used by federal and non-profit health organizations to encourage eating foods that offer nutrient benefits for heart health, such as:

  • • Nutrient-dense whole foods
  • • Items with recommended carbohydrate and fiber serving sizes, (15-21 gm/serving)
  • • Reduced added sugars
  • • Reduce sodium and saturated fats

The Heart Smart color guide on shelf tags in stores is red, and may help time-crunched shoppers locate items that meet lifestyle goals, including Mediterranean and DASH diet guidelines. Please see the standards (link)for the full criteria. Food item guidelines include:

  • • Total and saturated fat limits
  • • Sodium and added sugar limits
  • • Whole grain and fiber standards

We strive to highlight Heart Smart items on shelf tags and on website shopping resources, but due to data and product changes, all items that meet the standard may not be tagged. Please be sure the bar code/UPC number on the item matches the shelf tag item/UPC number.

Look for the color indicators ‣

Each nutrition attribute has a unique color – “Heart Smart” is red, “Organic” is dark green. Look for the color bars on the shelf tag, or explore the color icons when you shop online. Scanning for colors at the shelf makes it quick and easy to find Low Sodium foods (yellow), Carb Smart foods (orange) or Gluten Free items (Blue). Shopping with your kids? Make it a game and energize your whole family to eat well! That is smart food shopping, simplified.

Carry your colors with you! Download our guide to making smart food choices.

1. On shelf tags in store

Color bars can be found here on the shelf tags

2. Online


Online icons can be found on the shopping page

The Know Your Colors Program is intended for general nutrition information and not as a treatment for any issue or condition.

Make a Great Heart Smart Plate

Seafood twice per week is a Heart Smart choice – fresh or frozen works for this recipe!

Choose Heart Smart or Low Sodium tagged canned tomatoes, and Low Sodium tagged canned chickpeas. Rinsing canned beans reduces sodium about 30%.

Use PICS Extra Virgin Olive Oil to roast the fresh zucchini

More Heart Healthy Recipes

Avocado, Quinoa & Black Bean Salad

Power Boost Salad

Please consult your healthcare provider and/or registered dietitian-nutritionist for information directly relating to individual health needs. Read the entire food label to get complete information on any product. It is anticipated that the Know Your Colors standards may be updated or changed as national guidelines, including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, are revised to include new evidence and science. (https://www.fda.gov/food/food-labeling-nutrition/fda-nutrition-innovation-strategy) Please contact our Consumer Services Department with any questions.

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