Fried Fish and Seafood

Savor the flaky goodness of Icelandic Haddock! Sourced from the cold waters of the North Atlantic, our 100% natural haddock is mildly sweet with a pleasingly firm yet tender texture. It’s wild caught and certified sustainable, using fishing methods that ensure the health of its habitat. We deep-fry our haddock using our exclusive batter and breading recipe to enhance its flavor and lock-in the natural moisture of this delicious sea treasure. Paired with our crispy fries, they make a tasty tandem that’s ready to eat!

Order Fried Fish Hot

Where will you find the best fish fry in town? At your local Price Chopper or Market 32! 
Choose from one of our fresh, hot and delicious, ready-to-eat, hand-battered seafood entrées such as our Fried Icelandic Haddock Dinner, Fried Clam Strip Dinner and more! Or have us fry up any of your favorites!

Freshly Fried Dinners

our entrées are hot, fresh and just the way you like them

Swai | 510 cal
Clam Strips | 400 cal
Calamari | 400 cal
Popcorn Shrimp | 510 cal 
Torpedo Shrimp | 720 cal 
Bay Scallops | 380 cal 
Icelandic Haddock | 520 cal 
Cod | 410 cal 
Wild Argentinian Shrimp | 680 cal
Butterfly Shrimp | 650 cal 
Sea Scallops | 370 cal 
Triple Catch Platter | 670 cal

All dinners include: French fries, (add 440 cal) coleslaw, (add 160 cal) tartar sauce (add 40 cal) and ketchup (add 10 cal). Substitute onion rings (430 cal) for French fries
for just $1 extra

Our seafood is hand-battered with our exclusive batter and breading recipe.

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.

Enjoy more seafood and sides!

Seafood Dinner Recipes
To Try at Home

Check out our library of seafood recipes to try for yourself. Enjoy unique spins on your favorite fish dinners, and discover something new!