Citrus Fruits

What are Citrus Fruits?

Hand cutting citrus

Citrus fruits are the fruits of trees and shrubs in the genus Citrus of the Rue evergreen family, (Rutagae). They originated in Southern China/Northern India, and traveled the world via traders, sailors and farmers. Studies show that citrus are really ancient fruits, with origins dating back into the Miocene and Pleistocene eras! 

There are hundreds of varieties and cultivars, and we brought the best of them to the stores. There is a rainbow of citrus fruits for you to explore – try them all and find some new favorites!

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Wellness Benefits of Citrus

Orange lemon lime

Get your glow on from the inside out! Citrus fruits are a good source of antioxidant Vitamin C, and often potassium, folate and fiber. Vitamin C can boost absorption of calcium and iron, and supports collagen production and skin health. Citrus fruits also contain bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, anthocyanins and lycopene – phytochemicals that add color and benefit, much of which is actively in research. Citrus is low in calories, and high in water, so great for snacking and hydration, and overall wellness.  Citrus fruits are the whole package – beautiful, delicious, and nutritious!

Citrus Fruits

Sumo Citrus

Super-sweet, super-sized, super-special mandarin orange! So sweet to eat, great for grab and go, lunch and snacking, salads, fresh salsas, dipping segments in chocolate, and your favorite citrus recipe!

Cara Cara Orange

So pretty, you will post pictures of everything you make with these! Aromatic, juicy, with a complex, sweet-tart flavor with notes of cranberry, blackberry, rose, and raspberry. All of those flavors are echoed in the blend of orange, pink, and red hues. Zest, juice and fruit are all ripe for your favorite citrus recipe, including salads, juicing, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, and so much more.


Somewhere between tart and sweet, the mighty grapefruit brings a burst of sunny flavor to the wintry Northeast. White, pink or ruby, grapefruit is lower in natural sugar than other citrus fruits, and adds bright balancing citrus flavor to salads, agua fresca, cocktails, and mocktails.  


Lemons lead the way, from sweet to savory, cookies to casseroles, as a flavor maker. Fruit, juice and zest are vibrant and freshen up leftovers, sub for salt in many recipes, zip up water, perk up vinaigrettes, marinades and more!


Limes are a culinary treasure, one of the smallest citrus fruits, relatively high in citric acid with some slightly bitter notes. Limes enhance and refresh many flavors. Consider a chili/mango/lime salsa for fish or chicken, salmon with a lime zest crema, or a simple twist of lime in a cool seltzer.  


Minneolas, a tangelo nicknamed ‘The Honeybell”, is delectable. They have a deep orange color and sweet-tart flavor. They are a great choice for snacks, salads, vinaigrettes, cocktails, mocktails, and salsas.

Navel Orange

Flavorful, and fragrant, the navel orange is known around the world for it’s easy peeling, good feeling reputation!  Juice, fruit and zest offer sweet and savory applications with meats, poultry, seafood, salads, salsas and sides. Orange can be a star ingredient in breads, bakery items, and desserts, vinaigrettes, marinades and beverages. Check out our blog, 8 ways to Love a Bag of Oranges for some fun-spriration!

Blood Orange

The Blood Orange is uniquely flavored, sweet and infused with tangy grapefruit, tart cherry and raspberry notes, which complement the scarlet/magenta color of the fruit. Blood oranges are delicious on their own, and shine in salads, salsas, smoothies, cocktails, sangria, mocktails, glazes, vinaigrettes, and cooked applications like chutneys and marmalades – the list goes on. Zest, juice and fruit can all be enjoyed and substituted in recipes calling for citrus.


Clementines are the “fun one” in the citrus family – sweet, petite, and portable, kid-sized and kid-friendly, because they are seedless and easy peel, clementines are popular with all ages and stages. They are also easy to segment, fun to add to salads and even decorate cakes and cupcakes.


Citrus seltzer

As recommended with all produce, wash thoroughly under cool running water before eating or preparing. Though many are easy to peel, there are many ways to cut and serve citrus fruits. Two terrific kitchen tools that can take citrus enjoyment to new heights are the Citrus Press and the Microplane/Zester. Find them both in the kitchen section of Price Chopper and Market 32! 

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so many ways to enjoy citrus!

Citrusy Fruit Salad

Beer-Citrus Crabbed
Stuffed Jalapeños

Tart & Juicy Sparkling Punch

More Tasty Recipes to try

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