Checking Out - Almond Breeze Yogurt Alternatives

Ellie Wilson

MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

Creamy, crunchy, packable and snackable! The world of plant-based dairy alternatives continues to evolve, with new yogurt alternatives closely following the introduction of alt-dairy coffee creamers and frozen desserts. Blue Diamond, an agricultural cooperative of over 3000 family-owned almond farms, is ramping up innovation with new single serve flip-cup flavors and two 24-ounce offerings of original (almond) and vanilla-flavored almondmilk yogurt alternatives.

Blue Diamond is over 100 years old, started in 1910 by 230 almond growers. A pantry staple that has pushed boundaries of product development and almond education, it now has an international presence, distributing almonds in over 80 countries. It is also a leader in food safety and sustainability.

The flip cups will appeal to those exploring plant-based foods, vegetarian and vegan items. Fun combinations of honey-roasted and toasted almonds, dark chocolate chips, and crunchy oat clusters are some of the flip cup toppings that are ready to add to the 5.3 ounce individual servings of vanillaflavored almond milk yogurt alternative. I am very partial to adding flavor, texture and benefit with nuts, berries and granola to yogurts. These flavor combos will delight whether seeking non-dairy items for health concerns or exploring plant-based options and new food adventures.

Most of the flip cups are a good source of fiber and calcium, and an excellent source of Vitamin E, a naturally occurring nutrient found in almonds. The flip cups range from 180-210 calories, the original and vanilla flavors around 110-150 calories per serving. They also contain 5 live and active cultures, and have a creamy, silky texture very similar to traditional yogurt. They have a higher water content that will create a great base for chia pudding and overnight oats recipes – great way to explore using the 24-ounce vanilla and original flavor items. Get inspired by some of their recipes. Find them all in the Dairy case at Price Chopper and Market 32. Enjoy!