Haleigh Eustis

Floral Intern

Flowers are as beautiful to the eye as they are to the soul! Did you know that flowers and plants affect your mental health in numerous positive ways? If you didn’t, that’s okay, that’s why I’m here to explain. There are various ways that flowers aid your mental health, which is in part why we love them so much here at Price Chopper/Market 32. According to Texas A&M University, surrounding yourself with plants, foliage and nature has many benefits that range from stress reduction, increased creativity and even reduction of depression. Though flowers can aid mental health, there are a wide variety of flowers, and it may seem overwhelming to understand certain flowers and their abilities. Here is a breakdown of flowers’ specific roles in impacting mental health: 

LAVENDER: This flower is popular for its infamous stress reducing properties! Primarily, we utilize lavender in essential oil and candles. According to the NIH, smelling the floral scent of lavender can reduce stress as the scent relaxes the brain thanks to the Linalool within the plant. Linalool is an aromatic alcohol found in plants that is used in many beauty products. It is a natural therapeutic and can most likely be found in many essential oils. Lavender is suggested for all types of stress, but especially insomnia and post childbirth stress. Smelling this scent before you go to bed, or during a restless night of childcare, has been proven to aid stress reduction and happiness levels over the course of four or five weeks. Click here for all-things lavender!

SUNFLOWER: A fan favorite in August, the sunflower is known to increase a positive outlook as well. Much like mums, these are the perfect flower for happiness due to their bright colors and health properties. Their oils can help reduce stress and, henceforth, put you in a much better mood. Thanks to NIH we understand that along with its stress reducing benefits, sunflower oil consists of an abundance of essential amino acids, vitamin B and minerals. Click here for all-things sunflower seeds!

ROSES: Are you looking to reduce stress, but you don’t like the scent of lavender? Don’t worry, roses serve the same purpose. According to the NIH, inhalation of rose essential oils can be used to reduce stress and act as a natural antidepressant as the flower has a strong floral scent that releases endorphins in our brain that makes us feel relaxed. Along with its stress reducing properties, roses also are used as a natural muscle relaxer as you can use the oil topically. Both lavender and rose can aid in overall stress levels and positive moods. Click here for roses!

While distinct flowers offer particular health benefits, Rutgers University has substantiated that the mere presence of any flowers can promptly enhance positive emotions. Although this insight provides only a glimpse into the world of flowers and their connection to mental health, it’s a wonderful insight into flowers’ benefits and all they provide to us.

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