Haleigh Eustis

Intern, Digital Marketing

Good morning! There’s no better way to start the day than a strong cup of coffee. Though a cup of black coffee is always a reliable choice, there are so many variations of caffeine intake that differ from a regular cup of joe. The list of hot and cold beverages can seem extensive, and a bit overwhelming, but we are here to make that easier! Here is a breakdown of your favorite coffee beverages, and how to make them. 

Drip Coffee: Drip coffee is your regular black coffee! It can also be referred to as “filter coffee” as the hot water passes through a coffee filter and brews with the coffee grounds. You can make drip coffee in a pot or Keurig, as it’s quick and can be altered to taste stronger or weaker based on flavor palette.  

Cold Brew: Cold Brew is much like coffee, but has a stronger and smoother flavor that many people tend to prefer. To make cold brew is simple! Take coarse coffee grounds and put them in a mason bar. Pour cold water over your grounds (depending on your flavor palette, some people like a 3-1 ratio of water to grounds or a 4-1 ratio of water to grounds). Leave your cold brew in the fridge for 24 hours and strain your grounds once the flavor is to your liking.

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Latte: If you’ve never made a latte, then it may seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! Lattes are a simple coffee beverage that has two ingredients: espresso and milk. With the espresso at the bottom of your cup, froth your milk. A proper latte will have steamed milk and a light layer of foam on the top. Add a syrup of your liking to add a new depth of flavor 

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Latte Macchiato: Much like a latte, a Latte Macchiato includes the two same ingredients: espresso and milk. Though the ingredients are the same, the process is slightly different. You will froth your milk and add it to your glass. Lastly, you will add your shot of espresso to the top and watch as the espresso slowly combines into the milk.  

Cappuccino: If you ever order a cappuccino and are shocked that it’s so light in weight, don’t be alarmed! Unlike lattes which are milk heavy, cappuccinos are light in weight because the cup is primarily frothy milk. This beverage is filled with the airy foam that your milk frother will create, and generally it’s easier to extract the foam with a spoon 

Mocha: Much like a latte, a mocha is the same concept with the acceptation of added chocolate syrup. In your cup, add your hot espresso and your desired amount of mocha syrup. Combine the chocolate into the hot espresso by swirling them together then top off your drink with a layer of smooth foamy milk! 

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Red Eye: Want an extra jolt of caffeine in the morning? Try a red eye! This drink is purely caffeine as it’s a layer of black coffee and a shot of espresso. The ratio of drip coffee to espresso is completely determined by what you prefer. 

Americano: Lastly, the americano! This drink is simple as it requires two ingredients: espresso and water. You read it right! An americano is a simple beverage of an espresso shot topped with hot water. This beverage tends to replicate drip coffee and it’s a tame way of drinking your espresso if the flavor is too strong for you. 

With this list in mind, elevate your morning coffee game and take on the day . . caffeinated!  Shop Price Chopper/Makret 32 for all of your coffee needs!