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Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the ultimate comfort food, the versatile canvas of flavors, and the centerpiece of gatherings and celebrations. And what better way to honor this beloved culinary creation than by dedicating a whole day to it? That’s right, National Pizza Party Day is here to remind us to indulge in cheesy, saucy goodness with friends and family.

Corner to Corner Pizza

Our crispy pan pizzas are covered with the finest, freshest toppings from corner to corner, generously layered on top of our 100% natural whole milk mozzarella cheese, and pizza sauce, made from vine ripened tomatoes. Our pizza is baked fresh in 500° ovens for an authentic old world taste with our signature crispy bottom. Our pizza is thicker than a New York style, yet thinner than a Chicago style pizza. We use 100% natural whole milk mozzarella and only the freshest toppings. Choose from one of our regular or specialty pizzas, or create your own. Made fresh to order.

Our specialty Corner to Corner Pizzas options are:

  • Italian Supreme
  • Gourmet Chicken Supreme
  • Meat Lovers
  • Margherita
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Hawaiian Islander

If you are looking for a fun pizza-night with the family, try making some of our favorite homemade pizzas below!

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 29, 2017


New DiGIORNO Crispy Pan Pizza rivals your favorite away from home Pizza parlor!

These new DiGiorno Pan Pizzas are topped with generous amounts of cheese that melts over the edge to create a perfectly caramelized crust. Nestle provides the pan, you bake up a piping hot and crispy pizza fresh from your oven!Janes New Items diGiorno_crispy You will find three varieties in your Price Chopper/Market32 Freezer aisle – Pepperoni, Four Cheese and Supreme! It’s not delivery – it’s DiGIORNO! tyson-1200x628Price Chopper and Market 32 have everything you need to satisfy all your hungry fans! Gear up for the big game with savings across the store on pizza, ribs, snacks, adult beverages and more! Snap up these deals and view our weekly flyer for more tasty savings!   View Weekly Flyer pizza-wings-generic Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 25, 2016 pamperseasyupsgirlstrainingpantsPAMPERS EASY UP TRAINING PANTS When Mom begins to potty train her toddler, she looks for a partner to help her through the journey – which takes on average 3 months.  This can be a very trying and frustrating time, so Mom wants a partner pant that provides her with dependable leakage protection, day and night.  She knows her child isn’t going to master potty training in a day!  She also needs the pant to be a practice tool so her toddler can learn how to use underwear – pulling it up and down. Pampers Easy Up Training Pants reinvention will again make training pants the partner that Mom needs during her potty training journey by meeting BOTH of her needs.
  1. New Easy Ups provide the dependable leakage protection that Moms expect from Pampers, resulting in fewer leaks both day and night.
  2. They help a toddler learn how to use underwear – pulling it up and down.
Find the New Pampers Easy Up Training Pants in the Baby aisle. Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


                Italy’s #1 frozen pizza brand has only been available in the United States for a few years, but already it’s making a big impression on pizza lovers who try it. Ristorante by Dr. Oetker satisfies your busy lifestyle and your sophisticated tastes too!  They go to great lengths to find the most delicious and unique ingredients to create premium pizzas because they know that’s what you want and deserve in your pizza.  Even more than their commitment to quality, it’s Ristorante’s distinctive combinations of these choice toppings and seasonings that truly set their pizzas apart. Ristorante has delicious and distinctive combinations that are easily prepared and perfectly sized.  Once you taste it, you’ll know you’ve chosen the right pizza to make any day or night your perfect pizza experience@ Come to the Frozen aisle to discover which of the available flavors of Ristorante by Dr. Oetker Pizzas will best compliment your dinner this evening.  Buon Appetito!

RED ROBIN STEAK FRIESred-robin-frozen-steak-fries

                For over 40 years, Red Robin has been serving its famous Gourmet Burgers, Bottomless Steak Fries and Towering Onion Rings seasoned with their signature blend of Red Robin Seasoning Salt.  Known as the Gourmet Burger Authority, Red Robin offers unique and delicious gourmet burgers and other craveable entrees. Now you can take the great taste of Red Robin restaurants home and serve their world famous Steak Fries anytime.  Sorry, you’ll have to serve yourself – their wait staff won’t fit on the Grocery shelf! Look for Red Robin Steak Fries in the Frozen aisle. Do you have toppings you faithfully put on your pizza? Do your friends and family tell you how creative you are with your delicious pizza receipe and topping choices? We want to hear about it! Comment below and tell us what toppings you love to put on your pizza for a chance to win a $200 Price Chopper gift card! The person with the most creative answer will win a Price Chopper gift card PLUS our top-notch bakers will actually make your pizza in our stores for everyone to enjoy for a limited time!!  The winning topping combination will be featured on our hot pizzas only, or upon request!  Leave your comment below and on our Facebook page by November 16th at 12:00PM to enter! We’re excited to introduce our brand new Bella Roma Corner to Corner™ Pizza available only at Price Chopper! We figured out a way to make our crispy pan pizzas even better. They’re covered with the finest, freshest toppings from corner to corner generously layered on top of our 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese. Our hand stretched pizza dough is made fresh daily from a custom blended flour which we let rise naturally overnight. The pizza sauce is made from vine ripened California tomatoes, hand-picked during the height of the tomato season-yum! Come in and try our New Corner to Corner™ pepperoni pizza, now made with 50% more pepperoni, or choose from many other delicious combinations! With our new Corner to Corner™ pizza you get a mouthful of toppings in every bite. That’s Price Chopper Value! Check out our video to see first-hand how we create our pizzas fresh every day! To enter the contest, please leave a comment about your favorite toppings to put on pizza below and on our Facebook page by 12:00PM on November 16th. The winner will be announced on November 19th! Read official rules here.

What toppings are on your favorite pizza?  Did you know that sausage is the #1 pizza topper?  We want to see your homemade pizza creations!  Send us a picture of your pizza with a short description of your pizza’s toppings for a chance to win an epitourean.com culinary trip for 2 brought to you by Johnsonville Italian Sausage!  Email your photos to [email protected] by October 19th for your chance to win, one second prize winner will receive a Big Green Egg Grill Package.

Check out epitourean.com for a list of domestic culinary getaways that the grand prize winner will be able to choose from!    Airfare will also be included to the culinary getaway of the winner’s choice.   Read official contest rules here.  Check out the blog below brought to you by Johnsonville Italian Sausage on how to turn pizza making with your kids into a learning experience for all ages!

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Classroom By Making Pizza With Your Kids

By Johnsonville Italian Sausage

Everyone knows that kids love pizza. And what’s not to love? In addition to the gooey, melty cheese kids can’t resist, pizza provides them the ability to personalize their pie with all sorts of toppings – just the way they like it. Now Johnsonville® and Price Chopper want you to make your kids’ night by making pizza with them at home. Not only will the finished product satisfy their little stomachs (and yours too), the time spent preparing your masterpiece will double as an educational opportunity. The kitchen is a unique setting to teach kids all sorts of things including counting, fractions, measurements, reading, following directions, etc. Depending on the age(s) of your kiddo(s), you’ll have to tailor your lesson accordingly, but here are some ideas about how to use this time to your advantage: 1. Counting and Numbers Help your Pre-K- and Kindergarten-aged kids with counting by asking them to get out the number of plates, napkins and utensils for the number of people in your family. Have them help you add the toppings to your pie and to count how many pieces of sausage and other toppings there are. When the buzzer dings and it’s time to eat, find out how many slices there are to share. For older kids, ask about what fraction of the pizza remains after 2,4 and 6 pieces have been eaten or how many pieces each person will get and what will be left over. Fractions are much easier to “swallow” when they taste good. 🙂 2. Measurements, Multiplication and Shapes Challenge older kids by asking how much certain measurements would be if you doubled the recipe. Or you can even ask things like, “if this recipe serves 4, how can we make it serve 6?” Have the younger ones help by filling up measuring cups to specific amounts. And when the pizza is ready, try cutting half of it into “pie-like” (triangular) slices and the other half into squares so the little ones identify the shapes that they are eating. 3. Conversions It helps every cook (big or small) to know some basic conversions in the kitchen. Pass the time that the pizza is in the oven by teaching your kids about some of the most common fluid measurement conversions. Take a piece of white paper and some markers and have your kids draw a “G” big enough to take up the whole space. In a different color, have them draw large “Q”s inside of the G. Inside each Q, draw 4 “C”s using a color you have not already used, and inside each C, draw 8 “O”s in yet a different color. This will help them to understand that in each gallon, there are four quarts, in each quart there are four cups and in each cup, there are 8 ounces. They can then count the total number of “O”s to find out how many ounces are in a quart or gallon — and now you’ll know that that if a recipe calls for 20 ounces of milk, the half gallon of milk you have won’t cut it. Hang the drawing on the fridge and refer to it each time you are in the kitchen with your kids. (It may come in handy to help you remember, too!) For younger kids, introduce the idea of measurement equivalents by having them figure out how many tablespoons of water will fill up a one cup measuring cup. 4. Heat and Energy Kids know that they shouldn’t touch the stove or the oven or even a piece of pizza right when it’s done because it will burn them, but they should also learn that heat is key when it comes to cooking. Use the  time in the kitchen to teach them how heat cooks our food and makes it safe for us to eat. Discuss that water boils at 212ºF and freezes at 32ºF. Have them use a kitchen thermometer to test the internal temperature of the sausage on the pizza when it comes out of the oven — sausage should always reach a temperature of 160ºF. With all of these lessons, your little helpers are sure to be hungry. Enjoy your time with them and your delicious homemade pizza masterpieces!