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While National Ice Cream Day is celebrated today, July 16th, we think every day is Ice Cream Day! Whether it is hot and humid or a stormy blizzard, there is never a bad time to eat ice cream. Speaking of all things ice cream, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is celebrated on August 2nd, so we made sure to provide you with our fantastic recipe below. Now for the fun part – We want to give you the scoop on this creamy, indulgent dessert!


Vanilla is ranked the most popular ice cream flavor, followed by chocolate. Of course, ice cream toppings are a must! Hot fudge is the most popular ice cream topping, which is only fitting for your traditional ice cream sundae.

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, rated number seven for most favored flavors, was introduced by the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Burlington, Vermont. Oh, and we should mention that our Price Chopper and Market 32 locations sell a variety of Ben & Jerry’s!

Ice Cream in the United States:

As of 2022, the United States ranked second after New Zealand for the most ice cream consumption worldwide. This makes sense considering about 90% of United States households have ice cream in their freezer.

Can you guess the state that produces the most ice cream? The answer is California. In total, the United States produces 1.38 billion gallons of ice cream each year! I guess you can say that is a LOT of ice cream!

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich: Homemade cookies with PICS Ice Cream is a must-have this summer! This recipe is unforgettable. 

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day the right way, and browse our ice cream selection. Be sure to check out our PICS new pint ice cream!


National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Today, on National Chocolate Milkshake Day, we celebrate one of the world’s most satisfying desserts. You’ve probably enjoyed a chocolate milkshake before, but you may be unfamiliar with the story behind the tasty treat.

Milkshakes have been around for quite some time, originating all the way back in 1885 when they were an alcoholic beverage containing whiskey. However, the adult beverage version was short-lived, as by the turn of the century milkshakes were no longer alcoholic. Instead they were made with flavored syrups such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. In 1922, Ivan “Pop” Coulson added vanilla ice cream to a malted milk drink, inventing the first malted milkshake. The idea quickly spread, becoming very popular at soda fountains. By 1930, milkshakes were transformed to the sweet treat we love today, with ice cream, milk, and syrup all blended together.

Once the 1950s rolled around, milkshakes had become a staple in diners, burger joints, and lunch counters. In different parts of the country, shakes were known by different names, including “frappes,” “cabinets,” “velvets,” and “concrete,” which referred to a milkshake so thick, it wouldn’t even drip when flipped completely upside down.

Today, milkshakes are more prevalent than ever. Being sold in diners, fast food restaurants, and ice cream shops alike. Their continuous boom in popularity may be due to a larger variety of flavors, yet, the classic chocolate milkshake remains a favorite in the ice cream game.

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Happy National Chocolate Milkshake Day!



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