Ellie Wilson

MS, RDN Manager, Lifestyles and Wellness

January rings in the New Year and inspires us to evaluate targets and goals that will bring positive results to our lives. There is one change that would bring more wellbeing benefit to more people than almost any other – eating more fruits and vegetables! Only one in ten Americans eats enough to meet daily guidelines for health. We also see shoppers are seeking more organic items for many reasons, particularly because they know that since 2002, organic items meet strict USDA certification standards.

The USDA certification offers production insights and confidence to shoppers.  As quoted in Food Insight’s “What is Organic” article, USDA notes that “organic products must be produced using agricultural production practices that foster resource cycling, promote ecological balance, maintain and improve soil and water quality, minimize the use of synthetic materials, and conserve biodiversity.” This is right in line with shopper aspirations to eat more mindfully, consider production impact and sustainability along with taste and health value.

You can always find high quality produce, proteins, and grocery items in our stores, including a huge selection of organic items. To help you enjoy more, now through January 28th, earn 3X AdvantEdge Rewards points on organic purchases that can help families bring more benefits to your table.

Organic product tags on our website can help you select organic items for pickup or delivery and explore products across our site that fuel your wellness routine. Check out our weekly flyer each week this month and look for our special organic shelf tags to find out which simple, seasonal organic items are ready for you to enjoy! 

Happy New Year!


Happy Organic Month!

Mia Teal

E-Commerce Marketing Department

September is Organic Month, and here at Price Chopper and Market 32 we have an abundance of organic products including produce, cereal, spices, dairy, meat, and more! If you are interested in incorporating more organic products in your recipes, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to discover what organic products are, and new recipes with some organic ingredients to incorporate at mealtimes.

What are Organic Animals and Plants?

Organic animals and plants are fed naturally and heavily regulated by the USDA to ensure only strictly enforced methods and approved substances are used when foods are grown and processed. The USDA is the regulating agency for Organic. For plants, that would include using organic seeds, managing weeds by tillage and cultivation practices and enhancing soil health via crop rotations and cover crops. For animals, it includes using 100% organic feed and maximizing pasture/outdoor access.

At Price Chopper and Market 32, we are proud to sell Full Circle Organic products. Full Circle’s Mission Statement is as follows:

“Our mission is to change the food system by providing a healthy, fresh alternative to industrial food. Large-scale agriculture often uses pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification and employs risky monoculture practices. Fresh, organic produce tastes better, is brimming with nutrients, and preserves our soil, our water, and the entire ecosystem. That’s why Full Circle fills every box with food that’s real and genuine.”

Check out our recipes that include some organic products:

Kicked Up Green Smoothie: This recipe is packed with delicious organic produce and dairy for an energizing smoothie!

White Chicken Chili: This hearty meal is bursting with flavor! Be sure to include Full Circle Oregano as well as other Full Circle spices.

Make-Ahead Hash Brown & Egg Bake: With the kids going back to school this Hash Brown and Egg Bake will be sure to power them through the morning!

Earn 3x Bonus Points on all organic purchases through Saturday, October 1st. And be sure to use promo code ‘ORGANIC’ at checkout when shopping on the Price Chopper website for $5 off your order of $50 or more thru 10/1. 

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs April 29, 2018


Here, at Arnold Bread, we’ve been proud bakers since the first day Dean and Berry Arnold baked their first loaf in 1940.  We’ve always stood for using quality ingredients and our new organic and non-GMO breads that are free from artificial preservatives, colors or flavors are no different!Arnold_organic_breads Try new Arnold Organic Bread varieties – a choice that feels as good as it tastes! We have 3 delicious flavors – Rustic White, 100% Whole Grain and 22 Grains & Seeds. These breads are deliciously real – how bread should be! Look for Arnold Organic Breads in the Bread Aisle. Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 15, 2017


                After 167 years of trusting DOLE, fall in love with new refreshing DOLE Organic Frozen Fruit. DOLE’s family tradition is simple – bring the sweetest juiciest sun-ripened fruit from the farm to your home – so that you can nourish your family with the best that nature has to offer. dole frozen fruit For over four generations, DOLE has been committed to the environment, their growers and the communities in which they operate.  To learn how, please visit doleintlcsr.com. DOLE Organics are available in the following varieties: Pineapple Chunks Blueberries Strawberries Mango Chunk Look for Dole Organics in the Frozen Fruit section of the Frozen Food aisle. Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 23, 2017


Offers premium cuts of organic vegetables in an affordable 10 oz. steam in bag

Harvested at the peak of perfection and quick frozen to lock in vitamins and nutrients

Look for Hanover Organics in the Frozen Vegetable aisle

  Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


In need of the perfect side dish or a unique twist on your everyday pasta?  Then try the new Hidden Valley Pasta Salad mixes.  They are super easy to make and loaded with delicious herbs and spices.  Get creative and add your own touches such as grilled chicken, cheddar cheese or fresh chopped veggies to make this more like a meal than a side dish. Try all of the three varieties:  Southwest Ranch, zesty Homestyle Italian and savory Original Ranch.  Bring the taste of the Original Ranch from the valley to your table. A delicious addition to salads, veggies and even meats.  Hidden Valley made it first.  Hidden Valley made it right. Look for Hidden Valley Pasta Salad Mixes in the Boxed Prepared section.


HO_SnackCrk_Cheddar_275x414-194x293Kids love snacks, but moms and dads are looking for more products made with simple, delicious and responsibly produced ingredients!  Introducing new Horizon Snack Crackers and Grahams. The good news is that Horizon snacks have a touch of Real Fruit and Veggies baked inside.  The Snack Grahams are baked with a touch of real Pear and Sweet Potatoes and contain 8g Whole Grains per serving.  The Snack Crackers are baked with a touch of real carrots and real Horizon Organic Cheese. Kids snack on average three times per day.  Snacks account for more than 27% of children’s caloric intake so why not make it something that is good for them? Look for Horizon 70% Organic Cheddar Snack Crackers, 70% Organic Original Snack Crackers, 70 % Organic Honey Snack Grahams and 70% Organic Chocolate Snack Grahams in the Natural aisle.

Want To Try a Really Great Tomato?

If you haven’t tried Santa Sweets® Authentic Grape Tomatoes, or UglyRipe® Tomatoes, you’re in for a real surprise.  Santa Sweets Grape Tomatoes are so tasty, kids eat them by the handful right out of the package.  Santa Sweets UglyRipe® Heirloom Tomatoes offer that familiar old-fashioned, hearty tomato taste and meaty, beefsteak flesh like home-grown tomatoes. 521618_506437936060075_1715234041_nThese tomato varieties can help punch your favorite recipes up, too.  UglyRipes are so succulent, a routine BLT becomes a special event!  UglyRipes raise the standard Caprese salad to a new level.  Try quickly grilling an UglyRipe before slicing to serve on your grilled burgers.  Or serve them all by themselves in wedges with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. The Authentic Grape Tomatoes are the perfect base for a simple but yummy sauce.  Slice a couple of handfuls in half lengthwise, sauté them in olive oil with a dash of salt, pepper, and dried Italian herbs, and then pour the contents of the pan — including the juices — over roasted or grilled skinless chicken or turkey breast. Try roasting them whole in a hot (400°F) oven with a little minced garlic, olive oil, a pinch of dried Italian herbs, and a dash of salt and pepper for a few minutes until they soften and the skins pop.  Then pour the entire dish over slices of a grilled beef or salmon steak. For a delectable twist on Caprese salad, try Caprese kabobs:  Thread a tomato, a fresh mozzarella cheese ball about the same size as the tomato, and a basil leaf on a skewer. Continue until the skewer is full.  In a small bowl, whisk together a little olive oil and balsamic or red wine vinegar.  Drizzle this mixture over the kabobs just before serving.  Looking for even more recipe ideas?  Visit www.santasweets.com.

Why Are Santa Sweets Tomatoes So Good?

Santa Sweets was the first company to market grape tomatoes in the United States, so they know a thing or two about their tomatoes.  First, Santa Sweets only selects the most flavorful tomato seed varieties to grow.  Santa Sweets Tomatoes are naturally non-GMO, grown directly in the soil and sunshine of open fields and left on the vine to ripen.  Once ripe, Santa Sweets Tomatoes are hand-picked and hand-packed for immediate shipping. What’s more, Santa Sweets farms are strategically located throughout North America so there’s always a growing season year-round — and they are packed to order and shipped fresh every day.

Grow Santa Sweets Famous Varieties in Your Garden This Season

Now you can grow your own Santa Sweets Tomatoes right in your own backyard!  Look for the rack of UglyRipe and Authentic Grape Tomato Plants in the floral section and in a few weeks, you can walk out your back door to hand-pick your own yummy Santa Sweets tomatoes for the freshest possible dishes. untitled55555 Interrupcion* and Price Chopper invite you to taste fresh, flavorful, Fair Trade Organic blueberries. We want to let you know you’re getting the best product out there at a good price and you’re doing something good too! Interrupcion* works with family farmers in Latin America to ensure the protection of our earth by employing sustainable agricultural practices and organic and biodynamic farming methods with the highest levels of food-safety. We eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and GMOs, and we safeguard our land and water resources for future harvests and generations. Clamshell (1) All our products are Social & Fairtrade Certified, which guarantees a minimum price for producers, fair pay for workers, and safe, dignified working conditions on farms. Every TASTE ME DO GOOD* product generates a small Social Premium that gets invested in producing communities, and adds up to big positive impact for workers and their families. For example, workers on Interrupcion* Member blueberry farms in Linares, Chile have generated over $23,500 in Social Premiums in 2011-2012 and have utilized this money to: • Construct and rebuild houses for community members whose homes were destroyed or lost in the 2010 earthquake. One 12-member family (3 members of which are farm workers) that were homeless in the aftermath of the earthquake received a brand-new house • Rebuild the church in Chanco, Chile that was destroyed by the earthquake • Purchase notebooks, shoes and school supplies for children in the community • Provide dental care and disease prevention workshops • Purchase low-cost medicine and First Aid supplies • Purchase bicycles for workers (2 mile commute to work) • Improve the local school by planting grass and a garden • Sponsor workshops on recycling, composting and organic farming • Create a greenhouse for organic seedlings In response to the cycle of poverty that are historically faced by the local indigenous Mapuche communities in Villarica, Chile Interrupcion* Member farms practice conscientious hiring to spur economic development and fuel opportunity expansion in the area. With over $6000 generated in social premiums workers have invested funds to: • Install indoor plumbing and hot water, thereby dramatically improving sanitation and overall health within the community • Purchase blankets and supplies for both the local nursing home and families with young children • Provide trashcans for all homes in the community • Install potable water for a member of the community who still did not have access to safe drinking water since the 2010 earthquake • Purchase bicycles for workers, thereby reducing time spent on transportation to and from the farm • Paying school and matriculation fees for children in the community, enabling more children to attend school and higher education institutions • Purchase TV / DVD player / projector for the community center where gatherings, talks, and events take place • Purchase soccer equipment for children in the community This is what we’re all about at interrupcion*: guaranteeing fair pay and safe work for the people harvesting the foods we enjoy and greater sustainability for the earth we all share. We are pleased to give you the option with Price Chopper to buy a fantastic product and make the world a better place at the same time. We think it’s good*. We hope you enjoy. Join the movement, Taste Me Do Good* on Facebook Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs DOVE MEN + CARE dove5mencarefacewashhydrateThe Dove Men + Care Face Range is designed to care for men’s skin in three steps – Cleanse, Shave and Finish – to effortlessly fit his grooming routine and leave his skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated. The Face Range offers a variety of specific solutions designed for men’s different skin types and to address men’s most common skin concerns – skin dryness, sensitive skin, looking tired, blocked pores or blemishes and oily skin. Look for Dove Men + Care in the Skin Care aisle. NEWMAN’S OWN ORGANIC PET FOOD newmansowndogfoodchickenNewman’s Own Organics was established by the one and only Paul Newman.  Paul’s commitment to quality products and philanthropic activity has created one of the most recognizable brands in America today.  Through the sale of its products, Newman’s Own Organics generates money for The Newman’s Own Foundation to donate to a wide range of charitable organizations. Newman’s Own Organics slogan is “great tasting products that happen to be organic.”  All products adhere to the USDA Organic standards and contain no wheat or corn, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  Over 70 Pet items were launched in 1993 by Paul Newman. Now, you can find both cat and dog food Organic items at Price Chopper.  In addition, look for the brand newnewmansowncatfoodchickliv “USDA Organic 95% Meat Grain Free” dinner options from Newman’s in both can cat and dog food varieties.  The first and primary ingredient is single source protein of Organic Chicken or Organic Turkey.  These are made and sourced in the USA. Look for Newman’s Organic items throughout the Pet aisle.
Written by Jane N. Golub
Director In-Store Marketing Programs
More than a dozen years ago, the idea for a New Items column was created.  It started life as a monthly column in the Price Chopper weekly ad where two new items were described and pictured.  Over the years, the monthly New Items column has turned into a weekly column and the two items are featured on the Price Chopper website for sixty days after being in our actual weekly ad.  The New Items column will continue to appear in our weekly ad and two items will be featured each week. I am excited to tell you that I will be blogging about the New Items each week as well and look forward to hearing from you. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy New Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy for men and women is a revolutionary line of nourishing shampoos and conditioners that turn the conventional hair care discussion on its head.  This new approach “feeds the scalp”-not just the ends!  Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy for women deeply nourished the scalp to work where it matters most, creating the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip.  The nourishing shampoos and conditioners are clinically proven to help restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance (when using shampoo and conditioner) and give women stronger (less breakage when combining vs. non-conditioning shampoo), more beautiful hair in just seven days! Clear Men Scalp Therapy breaks the “one size fits all” approach to treating dandruff and is a lasting solution to one of the most common scalp issues for men-dandruff. This complete range of shampoos is specifically designed for men and clinically proven to provide 100 percent dandruff protection (no visible flakes with regular use). Look for the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy products in the Hair Care aisle! Applegate Organic & Natural Meats For 25 years, Applegate has been producing high-quality natural and organic meats and cheeses, including hot dogs, bacon, sausage, deli meats and frozen products.  Natural can mean many things, but when you see the word “natural” on the Applegate label, you are guaranteed that the meat inside is: Look for these Applegate products in the Meat and Wall Deli aisles: Natural Beef Hot Dogs, Natural Turkey Hot Dogs, Organic Beef Hot Dogs, Natural Sunday Bacon, Natural Turkey Bacon, Natural Roasted Turkey Lunch Meat, Natural Smoked Turkey Lunch Meat, Natural Black Forest Ham and Natural Slow Cooked Ham Lunch Meat.