Milk Makes It Better

Ellie Wilson

MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

World Milk Day is June 1st every year, kicking off National Dairy Month! Milk brings so much to the table – on its own, a refreshing, nutritious, local food that is sustainable and sustaining – milk’s 9- nutrient package improves the nutrition quality of every meal and snack it accompanies. I love the opportunity to pair milk, cheese or yogurt with all kinds of produce – flavor, texture and benefit all come together in many delicious ways! I am a dairy “agvocate” – science and practice as a nutrition professional has shown me the many benefits of including milk and milk products in meals and snacks, and we will showcase some delicious, nutritious meal and snack ideas, especially for family meals, all month long!

Milk is the definition of comfort food – one of those things everyone buys when the weather forecast is turning, one of the ingredients in almost every one of your grandmother’s recipes, and what so many of us reach for and enjoy when we are just browsing in our own refrigerators! Milk is also what so many families ask for when they are struggling with healthy food access – parents know milk is a smart way to ensure children have the energy and nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Consider sharing this bountiful beverage with your neighbors and food banks through the Fill A Glass with Hope milk donation campaign this month. Fun fact – chocolate milk is a great recover drink, for kids and adults working and playing hard!

Taste rules – milk is a culinary team player, incredibly versatile, and always seasonal. In fact, fresh Price Chopper milk is a true local product, and goes from cow to cup in 48 hours or less!  Savory or sweet, milk does it all – sauces, desserts, smoothies, the latest coffee beverage, soups, stews, appetizers or casseroles! Adding milk to your family meals is affordable and just one extra glass per day can close some nutrient gaps for adults and children. Winner, winner, milk with dinner – Enjoy!

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