Ham and Cheese Sandwich

It’s National Sandwich Month!

August is National Sandwich Month, and we find it necessary to give these tasty, versatile food combinations the appreciation they deserve! The first ever sandwich, as the story goes, was enjoyed by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. Montagu was quite the gambler, and in the heat of a 24 hour gambling binge he needed a meal that would fill him up, while allowing him to keep his focus on his game. The cook brought him slices of meat stuck between two pieces of toast, no utensils necessary and a free hand to continue gambling. The sandwich was born! Fast forward to today and the sandwich has become something of an art form. Endless combinations, varieties, tastes, and flavors for any appetite. Anything goes! Creating the perfect sandwich has turned into a battle of creativity and originality. Meanwhile, the classic meat and bread combination is the perfect bite for any situation. We took a look at some of the best sandwich additions over time and how they became associated with such a staple in many people’s diets. Tomato Soup garnished with Parmesan cheese and croutons Most people enjoy their sandwiches with a side of potato chips. But what about putting potato chips right on the sandwich? If you’re looking to add an element of crispiness to your ‘wich this is the way to go. In the United Kingdom, it’s commonly referred to as a Crisp sandwich. A Crisp sandwich is simply any sandwich with an added layer of potato chips, popular varieties include; barbecue chips on ham and cheddar, salt and vinegar chips on tuna fish, and plain chips on peanut butter. Next time you’re enjoying your favorite sandwich, throw some potato chips on there and see how you like it! Sprouts are another great addition to sandwiches! As many vegetables do, sprouts often vary in texture and taste. It’s important to understand the different varieties and which pair best with your favorite sandwich. Green-leaf sprouts are recognized by two tiny green leaves at the tip of a slim ½-inch to 3-inch shoot, these sprouts add a nice element to your meal. More commonly, alfalfa sprouts have threadlike shoots with green tops, they provide a calm, nutty flavor that goes well with your sandwich of choice! GettyImages-896409278.jpgAnother essential part of every sandwich are the condiments that complete it. Mayonnaise, mustard, and oil are all common. But what about other interesting tastes? Pesto is commonly found in Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, but it can be used in a number of ways. It works well on turkey or chicken sandwiches, and is even good on grilled cheese. How about Greek yogurt? Yes, you read that correctly. Greek yogurt pairs surprisingly well with egg salad, chicken salad, chicken, and turkey sandwiches. It tastes great and is a healthier alternative to mayonnaise. If you’re looking for a healthier option definitely give it a shot. There you have it! Try something new in honor of National Sandwich Month. Add a twist to your usual and discover a new ingredient that takes your sandwich to the next level. There are many options to explore: maybe you’ll find a new favorite!