Whether you are missing ingredients or running out of time to get something on the table for the family, mealtime is always a last-minute preparation occasion. Have no fear, as the newest line of Minute® Ready to Serve Cups is here to save the day, and some time!

Minute® Ready to Serve rice is good to go, anytime, anywhere! Heat and eat the fully cooked, convenient pre-portioned cups plus save on clean-up by eating right out of the cup. Ready when you are, Minute® Ready to Serve rice is great for a quick lunch at work, a better-for-you snack or an easy add-on to dinner. With no artificial preservatives or flavors there’s a variety of good fast options including the three NEW delicious flavors of Garlic & Olive Oil Jasmine Rice, Cilantro & Lime Jasmine Rice, and Southwest Pinto Beans & Rice with Vegetables. Packed with flavor, gluten free, and vegan these products are perfect for a convenient side, to accompany leftovers or as a base to your main meal.  Or stir in your favorite sauce, vegetables and protein to create your customized dish. The options are endless!

You’ll find these amazing varieties in the rice aisle at Price Chopper / Market 32:

• Cilantro & Lime Jasmine Rice

• Garlic & Olive Oil Jasmine Rice

• Southwest Pinto Beans & Rice with Vegetables

The real question is…which NEW Minute® Ready to Serve Rice flavor are you going to try first? Let us know on social media and follow us to get all of the latest product and recipe info!