Mango Mania!

Mia Teal

E-Commerce Marketing Intern

Did you know there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating mangos? That day just happens to be today, July 22nd! Happy National Mango Day to all our mango-loving customers!

The History of Mangos in India:

Mangos flourish in sub-tropical regions and were first grown 5,000 years ago in India. While many of us eat mangos as a delicious snack or in a recipe, there is a much deeper meaning to mangos in India. Mangos are a symbol of love in this country and giving a basket of mangoes is a gesture of friendship. Today, India is the world’s largest producer of mangoes!

Mango Varieties – When are they in season?

When you go to your local Price Chopper or Market 32 to purchase mangoes, you may not realize that there are hundreds of different mangoes! Even more interesting, not all mangoes grow in the same season. Check out a few below!

Honey Mangos:

Honey mangoes are a vibrant yellow that turns a deep golden color when fully ripe. The taste is super sweet, and, well, has a honey flavor of course!

Peak Availability: Between March and July. 

Rainbow Mangoes

Rainbow mangoes can grow up to seven inches long with a thin, multicolored skin. They are very sweet and turn a blush red color when ripe. 

Peak Availability: Spring to early summer

Haden Mangoes:

When eating this type of mango, you can expect a sweet, yet, bitter aftertaste. These mangoes are bright red with green undertones which turn yellow as they ripen.

Peak Availability: March to May

Ice Cream Mango:

Yes, you read that right! Ice cream mangoes are about five to six inches long. The flavor is sweet and resembles a mango sorbet flavor.

Peak Availability: June and July

Keitt Mangoes:

Popular in Asian countries, Keitt mangoes are sweet and fruity. Unlike many other mangoes, this type stays green even when ripe. 

Peak Availability: March to April, August and September 

Interested in more ways to eat mangoes? Check out a few of our recipes below!

Curried-Mango Fish

This delicious meal will have you coming back for seconds! A few main ingredients in this recipe include tilapia, mango, cayenne pepper, and PICS white rice.

Blueberry-Mango Crisp

This is the perfect Sunday-morning breakfast that your family will love!

Pulled Chicken Tacos 3-Ways

Change up your next “Taco Tuesday” with these pulled chicken tacos. The sweet and salty combination is a must-try!

Happy National Mango Day!