Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs January 28, 2018


Getting dirty means getting things done.  Kleenex Wet Wipes make cleanup easy and keeps you moving forward. Kleenex wet wipes Strong for hands, yet soft for face and body, Kleenex Brand disposable wipes are over 30% thicker and 90% softer than the leading national brand of wipes.  Made with purified water, Kleenex Wet Wipes contain no harsh chemicals.   Free from alcohol, paragens and dyes, their hypoallergenic wipes are dermatologically tested for a clean you can trust. These moist wipes are both versatile and convenient for multi-purpose use.  Use them before and after meals, or for a quick clean up when you eat lunch at your desk.  Keep them handy to freshen up your face before heading out with friends after work.  And take them along for cleanups while you’re on the go. Get the gentle cleansing power of water anytime, anywhere with Kleenex Wet Wipes.  Also available in Germ Removal and Sensitive options, in resealable flip-top packs and individually wrapped packets. Look for Kleenex Wet Wipes in the Paper aisle.