Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 24, 2017


Meet Hershey’s Gold, the first new Hershey bar since the chocolatier debuted the Cookies ‘n Crème variety in 1995.  The original milk chocolate Hershey’s bar first went on sale in 1900.   Hershey’s Special Dark debuted in 1939.  Hershey’s Gold is a “caramelized crème” bar with pretzels and peanuts baked inside.  Notice the missing ingredients?  Yeah…there’s no chocolate in this Hershey’s bar. If you’re wondering what caramelized crème is, that’s because it’s not something Americans have seen before:  Hershey says Gold in the first mass-market, golden crème Hershey's Goldconfection in the United States.  (Crème is the mostly-sugar-non-dairy-white-stuff filling in Oreo cookies.)  Hershey says it turns the white crème gold by browning the sugar inside.  That gives Gold bars a “sweet buttery taste” topped with a creamy finish. The peanuts and pretzels add a crunch that Hershey says candy customers are longing for.  Look for new Hershey’s Gold on the Front End Register Candy Racks.