For a few months now, Price Chopper, Market 32 and Market Bistro customers across the Northeast have been simplifying their lives by experiencing a new, easier way to grocery shop!  Leveraging our partnership with Instacart*, many are clicking online to fill their virtual carts and are having groceries delivered right to their front door.  Delivery has been well received by our customers and we want to thank everyone who has been using the service.  Our delivery service coverage area is expanding regularly!  You can check here to see if we already deliver to your home:   But What’s New Now?  Pickup! That’s right.  We are excited to announce that we’ve recently begun to offer a convenient and affordable pickup option at our Market Bistro location in Latham, NY as another way to simplify that hectic schedule of yours. Learn more about this option at Loading Groceries Into Your Car Today (using the same Instacart app used for delivery) you can order your groceries on-line; our Market Bistro employees will gladly do the shopping for you, communicate throughout your order and finish off by loading your items into your car. For just $1.99, this new service will provide the maximum convenience for each and every lifestyle. From the busy soccer mom to the husband that would prefer not to do the shopping, everyone will be satisfied with our grocery pickup experience. Our employees are trained to find the exact product you selected or a comparable item which you may then approve or deny. By downloading the Instacart app you will be able to place your order, track the status of your order, and communicate with your personal shopper. You can chat straight through the app or via text if you need to make a change or forgot to order an item.   Have Fun Shopping Market Bistro Instacart Logo on Instacart The cutting edge technology of Instacart has provided yet another opportunity to make your life easier and brings back a little fun to grocery shopping.  Whether you choose to stay home or stay in your car – grocery delivery or pickup** will afford you more time with family and friends, to cook the meals you are prepping for, and for some much-needed relaxation! Head on over to, select Market Bistro***, and place your order for pickup. Your pickup shoppers (employees MaryAnne and Sharon) are excited to take care of your order and want to become an integral part of your family. You won’t be disappointed to see their smiling faces approach your car with your groceries!   BONUS: Through 12/31/18 take $15 off your first Instacart order (of $35 or more) and receive free pickup or delivery with promo code WEDELIVER15 at checkout.   *What is Instacart? Instacart is a rapidly expanding 3rd party company that has created software for grocery/household item pickup and delivery. By partnering with them we are now able to offer delivery or pickup services to our guests. You can shop online from the comfort of your own home using whichever mobile device or computer that you prefer. Shop all of the products in the store with some restrictions, such as age restricted items like alcohol. **Remember, Pickup is only available at Market Bistro for now. ***Not seeing pickup as an option? Switch your shopping zip code to 12110 and select Market Bistro. blog_headerInstacartTime is so valuable these days, and people are always looking for ways to become more efficient in how they spend their time. Think about your typical weekend: you go grocery shopping, you clean the house, you do laundry. Before you know it, the weekend is over and you never got to any of those fun, relaxing things you had hoped to do. You begin to wonder “how can I give myself more free time?” Then you remember that office conversation about home delivery for groceries, and how awesome your co-workers said it was. Immediately you think of all the things you hate about going grocery shopping; fighting for a parking spot, dealing with crowds, and dodging shopping carts. Online grocery delivery gives you the power to shop right from the comforts of your own home! Here are a few reasons why you should be using home delivery for your groceries…

6 Reasons to Try Grocery Delivery

  1. No waiting in long checkout lines.
  2. Easily budget your food spending for the week.
  3. Easy meal planning as you browse items from your phone or computer.
  4. Unable to lift heavy items? Instacart’s personal shoppers will bring that case of water or large bag of pet food right inside your home for you.
  5. You have guests coming very soon, and you realize you forgot something at the store. The oven is on, and you can’t leave the house. This isn’t a horror movie plot.
  6. Do you help an elderly family member or neighbor do their grocery shopping? Now they can order right from their home.
InstacartFBNow we’ve got you thinking about all of this free time you’re about to have, right? You finally have the ability to do things like finish that book you started months ago, start that workout program you’ve been talking about, finish that home project you keep putting off, or just simply sit back and relax. We’re excited to offer home delivery in select areas, powered by Instacart. Just visit to get started. We offer home delivery in as little as 2 hours! Leave those pajamas on and start filling up that virtual shopping cart today!