Mia Teal

E-Commerce Marketing Department

Even though today is National Pizza Day, we believe that everyday is Pizza Day! Pizza is a staple in most United States households, and nowadays there are many different varieties. Additionally, there are so many fun-pizza facts you may not have known. Take a look at a few below!

  1. More than 30 billion pizzas are consumed world-wide each year!
  2. Lombardi’s, located in Manhattan, was the first pizzeria in America. They opened in 1905. 
  3. Deep dish pizza originated in Chicago. 
  4. Mozzarella is the most common cheese used on pizza world-wide. 
  5. Saturday night is the most popular pizza night.

At Price Chopper and Market 32, we have all kinds of pizza ranging from vegan and gluten free pizza, to pizza loaded with a variety of meat. You can find our take-and-bake pizza with the freshly prepared meals in the deli, or our frozen pizzas in the frozen aisles. There is truly an option for everyone. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and browse a variety of our pizzas!

If you are looking for a fun pizza-night with the family, try making some of our favorite homemade pizzas below!

Pepperoni, Olive, & Feta Pan Pizza: Mozzarella and feta cheese? Yes, please! With the olives and pepperoni as well, this pizza will be a fan-favorite. 

Frozen Buffalo Chicken & Cauliflower Pizza: Buffalo chicken is delicious, but Buffalo Chicken on pizza? Now that is out of this world!

Apple-Burrata Pan Pizza: Apples on pizza? Don’t knock it before you try it! The delicious sweet apples mixed with fresh cheese, smoky bacon, and crunchy pepita seeds will blow your mind!

Cauliflower Pizza Cups: Delicious mini pizzas made with the freshest ingredients. Try them, today!