FMM logo This last week of April is national All Kids Healthy Week, celebrated in schools and communities across the country. Spring is a busy, fun time for families, but sports and activities can make it hard to eat well and enjoy a family meal. What’s one way to stay connected and eat well? Flour tortillas help you wrap up a quick meal you can enjoy together – these fun recipes can travel wherever your busy schedule takes you!   CornellWant to learn more? Check out the Family Mealtimes Matters events in 26 New York stores (list below) on Thursday, 4/27 and Saturday, 4/29, from 11-3. Coupons, fun with Facebook, and other great information will be shared. If you can’t make the event, try this great Apple Wrapples recipe featuring our own PICS brand whole wheat flour tortillas – everyone will love it for a snack or quick meal!   wraps Apple Wrapples   Adapted from Cooking Rinse and cut apple in half, lengthwise. Remove stems and center core. Do not peel. Lay apple halves flat side down and cut into ¼ inch thick slices. Leave as is or cut into small cubes. Peel bananas and break into pieces. Use a fork to mash until creamy and smooth. Add peanut butter to bananas and stir well to blend. Spread peanut butter mixture over one side of each tortilla. Lay apple slices down or sprinkle apple cubes. Tightly roll each tortilla, and cut each wrap in half. Chill until ready to serve, up to one day. Number of servings – 4 Calories 190/ Calories from Fat 50/ Total Carb 35 grams/ Fiber 5 grams/ Protein 5 grams — For more information, please visit:; — Store List: 1 – Eastern Parkway 23 – Madison Avenue Market 32 45 – Delaware Avenue Market 32 46 – Canton 102 – Watertown 133 – Westgate 134 – Oneonta 139 – Amsterdam 158 – Route 50, Saratoga Springs 161 – Norwich 166 – Malone 168 – Plattsburgh Market 32 172 – Erie Boulevard 174 – Western Lights 175 – Altamont Avenue 178 – Cortland 181 – Hudson Valley Plaza Market 32 195 – Gloversville Market 32 218 – Delhi 225 – Madison Marketplace 226 – Oswego 245 – Watervliet — Written by Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist Written By: Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist 10471431_10152516964609825_5925060179940710090_n Sitting down with your family, around a meal, catching up on everyone’s day and making plans together is one of the most basic things that families do together.  We also know that families have a lot of challenges these days, and may not be able to make that classic family mealtime happen as often as they want. Family Mealtimes Matter is a campaign that we’ve been sharing with our customers for the last six years, with our partners at Cornell Cooperative Extension, to help families focus on making that family time happen in as many ways as possible. Turns out, family mealtimes are one of the most important things a family can do to set children up for good health and success. It doesn’t matter what meal it is, or even if the meal is really healthy – it is the time together that counts the most. Sharing food and conversation together can help children maintain a healthier weight, which generally means they do better with getting enough nutrients like calcium and fiber, and can protect them from eating disorders. Eating meals together also really improves their language and communication skills, helps them do better in school, and have fewer behavioral problems. So, even if the meal is not ideal, don’t miss the chance to sit and eat together. It helps children feel secure, bringing you all closer, and creates a little island of time to focus on each other, instead of our increasingly distracting world. This week, you will find a great Family Mealtimes Matter display in stores, with a handout for some fast, easy, kid and busy life-friendly recipes, and more resources on benefits of family meals. We also have resources online with helpful information updated periodically! We hope we have taken some of the stress out of making a nice meal with your family happen, and we would love to hear from you – any questions you have, what your strategies are for bringing your family together at the table, and more.