untitled55555 Interrupcion* and Price Chopper invite you to taste fresh, flavorful, Fair Trade Organic blueberries. We want to let you know you’re getting the best product out there at a good price and you’re doing something good too! Interrupcion* works with family farmers in Latin America to ensure the protection of our earth by employing sustainable agricultural practices and organic and biodynamic farming methods with the highest levels of food-safety. We eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and GMOs, and we safeguard our land and water resources for future harvests and generations. Clamshell (1) All our products are Social & Fairtrade Certified, which guarantees a minimum price for producers, fair pay for workers, and safe, dignified working conditions on farms. Every TASTE ME DO GOOD* product generates a small Social Premium that gets invested in producing communities, and adds up to big positive impact for workers and their families. For example, workers on Interrupcion* Member blueberry farms in Linares, Chile have generated over $23,500 in Social Premiums in 2011-2012 and have utilized this money to: • Construct and rebuild houses for community members whose homes were destroyed or lost in the 2010 earthquake. One 12-member family (3 members of which are farm workers) that were homeless in the aftermath of the earthquake received a brand-new house • Rebuild the church in Chanco, Chile that was destroyed by the earthquake • Purchase notebooks, shoes and school supplies for children in the community • Provide dental care and disease prevention workshops • Purchase low-cost medicine and First Aid supplies • Purchase bicycles for workers (2 mile commute to work) • Improve the local school by planting grass and a garden • Sponsor workshops on recycling, composting and organic farming • Create a greenhouse for organic seedlings In response to the cycle of poverty that are historically faced by the local indigenous Mapuche communities in Villarica, Chile Interrupcion* Member farms practice conscientious hiring to spur economic development and fuel opportunity expansion in the area. With over $6000 generated in social premiums workers have invested funds to: • Install indoor plumbing and hot water, thereby dramatically improving sanitation and overall health within the community • Purchase blankets and supplies for both the local nursing home and families with young children • Provide trashcans for all homes in the community • Install potable water for a member of the community who still did not have access to safe drinking water since the 2010 earthquake • Purchase bicycles for workers, thereby reducing time spent on transportation to and from the farm • Paying school and matriculation fees for children in the community, enabling more children to attend school and higher education institutions • Purchase TV / DVD player / projector for the community center where gatherings, talks, and events take place • Purchase soccer equipment for children in the community This is what we’re all about at interrupcion*: guaranteeing fair pay and safe work for the people harvesting the foods we enjoy and greater sustainability for the earth we all share. We are pleased to give you the option with Price Chopper to buy a fantastic product and make the world a better place at the same time. We think it’s good*. We hope you enjoy. Join the movement, Taste Me Do Good* on Facebook