Checking Out - Cracker Barrel Sliced Cheeses

Ellie Wilson

MS, RDN Senior Nutrionist

Cheese please! Cracker Barrel cheeses have been pleasing Americans for generations. The brand was launched in 1954 by Kraft, a heritage brand itself in cheese, as a premium product named for the tradition of socializing around the cracker barrel, an icon of small general stores. Friends and neighbors would gather around the cracker barrel, and spend time connecting, sharing and creating stronger communities.

The sliced cheeses of the Cracker Barrel line, found in the dairy aisle, bring favorite flavors to the table, with Extra Sharp Wisconsin Yellow Cheddar, Heartland Swiss, Wisconsin Mozzarella, Vermont Sharp White Cheddar tapping into dairy traditions from around the U.S. Consistently rich in flavor, the award-winning cheeses are made with proprietary heritage starter cultures that have been part of the Cracker Barrel tradition for over 50 years. The signature black packaging is easy to open and zips closed to maintain freshness. These packages are also very portable, great for day trips and picnics, when you want to grab and go.

Cheese and dairy are getting fresh research on benefits – the matrix of nutrients in dairy includes being a good source of calcium and protein, and using sliced cheeses helps those working on managing calories and serving sizes. Sliced cheeses are a convenient and quick way to top dishes with flavor as they finish cooking, add a creamy layer of flavor in a casserole or sandwich, or power up a quick snack of cheese and (of course) crackers!

With shoppers looking for ways to eat something interesting, and reduce food waste, exploring ways to update leftovers with cheese is a win-win. Leftover grilled chicken? Add some pasta sauce and a slice of Wisconsin Mozzarella for a quick new meal. Leftover veggies? Top with a slice of Extra Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar for a quick flavor boost. Powering up produce? Pair sliced apples and Vermont White Cheddar for a sweet and savory snack! Enjoy!