Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 15, 2018

Dairy Pure Mix-Ins

 Introducing Dairy Pure Mix-Ins – creamy cottage cheese with a twist. Dairy Pure Mix-Ins are made with fresh cottage cheese, real fruit and wholesome nuts.  No artificial flavors, sweeteners or growth hormones. Dairy Pure Mix-Ins are available in four delicious varieties:DairyPure mixins Strawberries & Almonds Peaches & Pecans Blueberry Pineapple The easy-to-mix and scoop 5.3 ounce containers have 15 – 17g of protein.  The cup is designed with a clear bottom so you can see the fruit – and a large opening so you can easily stir. You’ll love this new way to snack!  Look for Dairy Pure Mix-Ins with the Cottage Cheese in the Dairy Aisle.     Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs January 8, 2016


All’s most advanced laundry pacs yet.all-powercore-pacs It’s a powder!  It’s a liquid!  It’s…both!  Introducing new All POWERCORE PACS, their brightest idea yet. For the first time, liquid and powder come together in one revolutionary laundry pac that delivers an astonishing clean for every load.  Plus, it keeps clothes whiter and brighter. Superior Whitening & Brightening vs. #1 Liquid Single Chamber Pac Astonishing Clean for Every Load Look for POWERCORE PACS in the Laundry aisle