Written by Sara Lilkas, Marketing Intern Bags2Riches_fb_500x500Bags2Riches is back! Bigger and better than ever, this year’s game will have more instant winners with chances to win $10,000 in CASH, free groceries for a year and more! Instant win prizes are in addition to the staggering guaranteed $250,000 CASH Grand Prize! The Bags2Riches 2016 Giveaway[1] features three ways to play and more than $8,000,000 in prizes and discounts available to be won! You could be well on your way to turning your bags into riches simply by shopping at Price Chopper, Market 32, or Market Bistro stores! In addition to this year’s amazing $250,000 Grand Prize, you could be one of two guaranteed 2016 Ford Titanium Escape winners, or a $20,000 shopping spree winner! (And that’s only listing a few of the prizes included in the Bags2Riches 2016 Giveaway!) Now are you picturing what you would do with $250,000 in cash? Well to become our 2016 grand prize winner here’s what you need to do:
  1. Go to your local Price Chopper, Market 32, or Market Bistro location
  2. Pick up your game board to keep track of your collect to win stickers
  3. Start shopping and earn game tickets!
Now how do you earn tickets? Just like in last year’s Bags2Riches Giveaway, for every $25.00[2] you spend using your AdvantEdge Card at any Price Chopper, Market 32, or Market Bistro location you will receive 1 game ticket (up to 12 tickets per shopping trip!) Inside each ticket you will find three stickers to play the collect to win game and a possible chance for an instant win, or a PIN to be submitted online at bags2riches.com. Online sweepstakes prizes include $10,000 in CASH, free gas for a year and more, so make sure you enter every pin you receive! Once you have collected all the stickers for one prize there are a couple things you need to do. The first is celebrate accordingly (you just won an awesome prize YAY!), second go the to the Guest Service desk at your local Price Chopper, Market 32, or Market Bistro store and ask for a collect to win submission kit, then follow the instructions and submit your claim for verification. Wait there’s more! Don’t throw away your duplicate stickers!!!! Any duplicates you have can be submitted as part of the Double Up Sweepstakes for an additional chance to win. Submit any ten duplicate tickets by following the instructions on the game board for your chance to win one of three great prizes worth $5,000! Will you turn your bags into riches this year? There’s only one way to find out! Tickets can be earned through March 19th, so what are you waiting for? Start playing today for your chance to turn your bags into riches!    
[1] Please see Official Rules in store or at bags2riches.com for complete game details, prizes available, odds of winning, how to claim prizes. Sponsored by the Golub Corporation.
[2] $25.00 is after the deduction of AdvantEdge savings and coupons, excludes alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, gift cards, prescriptions, stamps, lottery tickets, Tickets to Go, ski tickets, tax, bottle deposits, and all telecom products and services. Other exclusions may apply
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Some of the highlights of the  weekend include: A second family will be chosen for a two night stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in Lake Placid.  A special welcome bag will be provided upon arrival.  The Golden Arrow is the only U.S. resort to receive the Audubon 5 Leaf rating (the highest possible) for their eco-friendly practices.  This prize may be redeemed for the Holiday Village Stroll Weekend (December 7th-9th, 2012).  Learn more about the Golden Arrow Resort on their Facebook Page! “Like” the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Facebook Page to learn more about the weekend events. Please view the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Weekend Giveaway Contest Official Rules Here.  Contest package awarded to each family is at the discretion of the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Committee.  We cannot accomodate any special requests or changes. What is your family’s favorite game to play together? It’s hard sometimes to spend as much time as we’d like with our families. 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What toppings are on your favorite pizza?  Did you know that sausage is the #1 pizza topper?  We want to see your homemade pizza creations!  Send us a picture of your pizza with a short description of your pizza’s toppings for a chance to win an epitourean.com culinary trip for 2 brought to you by Johnsonville Italian Sausage!  Email your photos to [email protected] by October 19th for your chance to win, one second prize winner will receive a Big Green Egg Grill Package.

Check out epitourean.com for a list of domestic culinary getaways that the grand prize winner will be able to choose from!    Airfare will also be included to the culinary getaway of the winner’s choice.   Read official contest rules here.  Check out the blog below brought to you by Johnsonville Italian Sausage on how to turn pizza making with your kids into a learning experience for all ages!

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Classroom By Making Pizza With Your Kids

By Johnsonville Italian Sausage

Everyone knows that kids love pizza. And what’s not to love? In addition to the gooey, melty cheese kids can’t resist, pizza provides them the ability to personalize their pie with all sorts of toppings – just the way they like it. Now Johnsonville® and Price Chopper want you to make your kids’ night by making pizza with them at home. Not only will the finished product satisfy their little stomachs (and yours too), the time spent preparing your masterpiece will double as an educational opportunity. The kitchen is a unique setting to teach kids all sorts of things including counting, fractions, measurements, reading, following directions, etc. Depending on the age(s) of your kiddo(s), you’ll have to tailor your lesson accordingly, but here are some ideas about how to use this time to your advantage: 1. Counting and Numbers Help your Pre-K- and Kindergarten-aged kids with counting by asking them to get out the number of plates, napkins and utensils for the number of people in your family. Have them help you add the toppings to your pie and to count how many pieces of sausage and other toppings there are. When the buzzer dings and it’s time to eat, find out how many slices there are to share. For older kids, ask about what fraction of the pizza remains after 2,4 and 6 pieces have been eaten or how many pieces each person will get and what will be left over. Fractions are much easier to “swallow” when they taste good. 🙂 2. Measurements, Multiplication and Shapes Challenge older kids by asking how much certain measurements would be if you doubled the recipe. Or you can even ask things like, “if this recipe serves 4, how can we make it serve 6?” Have the younger ones help by filling up measuring cups to specific amounts. And when the pizza is ready, try cutting half of it into “pie-like” (triangular) slices and the other half into squares so the little ones identify the shapes that they are eating. 3. Conversions It helps every cook (big or small) to know some basic conversions in the kitchen. Pass the time that the pizza is in the oven by teaching your kids about some of the most common fluid measurement conversions. Take a piece of white paper and some markers and have your kids draw a “G” big enough to take up the whole space. In a different color, have them draw large “Q”s inside of the G. Inside each Q, draw 4 “C”s using a color you have not already used, and inside each C, draw 8 “O”s in yet a different color. This will help them to understand that in each gallon, there are four quarts, in each quart there are four cups and in each cup, there are 8 ounces. They can then count the total number of “O”s to find out how many ounces are in a quart or gallon — and now you’ll know that that if a recipe calls for 20 ounces of milk, the half gallon of milk you have won’t cut it. Hang the drawing on the fridge and refer to it each time you are in the kitchen with your kids. (It may come in handy to help you remember, too!) For younger kids, introduce the idea of measurement equivalents by having them figure out how many tablespoons of water will fill up a one cup measuring cup. 4. Heat and Energy Kids know that they shouldn’t touch the stove or the oven or even a piece of pizza right when it’s done because it will burn them, but they should also learn that heat is key when it comes to cooking. Use the  time in the kitchen to teach them how heat cooks our food and makes it safe for us to eat. Discuss that water boils at 212ºF and freezes at 32ºF. Have them use a kitchen thermometer to test the internal temperature of the sausage on the pizza when it comes out of the oven — sausage should always reach a temperature of 160ºF. With all of these lessons, your little helpers are sure to be hungry. Enjoy your time with them and your delicious homemade pizza masterpieces! What is your family’s favorite food pairing?  Is it peanut butter & jelly, spaghetti & meatballs or something completely unique?  Share it with us below and on our Facebook page for your chance to win a $400 Price Chopper gift card! Unilever has many brands that provide meal solutions to help you and your family enjoy your favorite food pairings that are both tasty and nutritious! Skippy Natural is a great tasting, 100% natural peanut butter spread your kids will love! There’s no need to stir, no oily mess, and no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors which makes it an excellent lunchtime addition! Pair it with your favorite jelly or enjoy it on its own. Ragú pasta sauce is made with 100% California tomatoes, simmered to perfection for a great tasting smooth sauce!  We all know there’s nothing as comforting as a nice plate of spaghetti and meatballs! Price Chopper and Unilever want to make sure that you and your family get to enjoy your favorite food pairings, whether it’s PB&J, spaghetti & meatballs or something else! That’s why one lucky grand prize winner will be selected to receive a $400 Price Chopper gift card and three runner ups will each receive a $200 Price Chopper gift card! To be entered into the contest, comment below AND on our Facebook page telling us what your family’s favorite food pairings are! Leave your comments by Monday, October 8th 2012 to be entered to win. Read official rules here. 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