Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

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                Beneful Prepared Meals and Beneful Medleys brand wet dog food are made with wholesome ingredients you can see and delicious flavors your buddy is sure to love. And now – introducing new Beneful Chopped BlendsTM – a whole new Beneful wet food experience to add to the world of delicious possibilities. Available in three flavors: Look for Beneful Chopped Blends in the Pet Food aisle. Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


               product-lockup-8 Nobody smiles like your dog.  It’s the way he runs to greet you at the door.  Or when his tail wags so hard, he can barely walk straight.  When he’s happy, he smiles with his whole body – and really, is there anything better in the world?  That’s why Beneful has created a line of dental products that not only care for smiles – they help create them!  Introducing NEW Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Food and Treats! Beneful Healthy Smile is a complete and balanced meal for adult dogs with SmileBites and other crunchy kibble.  Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Dog Snacks are available in twists and ridges.  Both food and treats help keep your dog’s teeth clean and his breath fresh.  Two great reasons for you and your dog to smile!  Look for Purina Beneful Healthy Smile Food and Treats in the Pet Aisle!


                Price Chopper is proud to introduce four delicious new Yogurt flavored items from Sun-Maid. For generations, Sun-Maid has been America’s favorite Dried Fruit because Sun-Maid is committed to bringing you the best nature has to offer.  With Sun-Maid, you get it all – quality, taste, convenience and real fruit goodness. Look for the four new and innovative high-energy snacks bursting with the taste of summer in the Produce Department today! Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

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Stir up something savory!  Beneful brand DOG FOOD Medleys are a new line of inspired tastes from Beneful.  The line has three varieties available-  each in a savory sauce.  Beneful Medleys include real wholesome ingredients that you can see – now in a convenient single serve size.  Add a little indulgence to your buddy’s meal today!  Available in Tuscan Style Medley, Mediterranean Style Medley and Romano Style Medley.  They are great for mixing with dry dog food and providing a balanced nutrition for adult dogs.  Each package contains three cans to help ensure freshness with each serving.  Look for Beneful Medleys in the Pet aisle! HERSHEY’S INSTANT PUDDINGShershe3instantpuddwhtchoc New Hershey’s Instant Puddings are an easy way to enjoy a quick and tasty dessert treat for the whole family!  Each mix makes 4 half cup servings of delicious pudding which is easy to make.  There is no cooking required – just add milk, mix and pour!  The Chocolate and Dark Chocolate mixes are made with real Hershey’s Cocoa.  Hershey’s Instant Puddings are available in three flavors – Chocolate, White Chocolate and Special Dark.  Be sure to take some home today so you can experience the notable Hershey’s chocolate taste in a deliciously simple-to-make dessert.  Look for Hershey’s Instant Puddings on the Dessert Mix aisle!