We have put together a few ideas to help your family eat better together! Eating together at any time of day fuels better overall nutrition – for both parents and kids.  You’ll get an “A” for “AWESOME” when you put these plans in motion.

According to a 2017 report by the Hartman Group, differing schedules are the lead obstacle to dinner at home in households with and without children. How to get more #FamilyMeal time? The answer is…breakfast! It doesn’t matter how long the mealtime is, or how perfect the meal is, just that you are eating together.

Sit down for a tasty fall breakfast with Thomas’ Bagels and NEW PICS Pumpkin Cream Cheese. A delicious combination that will remind you of your love for fall! You can also power up with some protein by enjoying our PICS Icelandic yogurt, paired with some fresh raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries or pick up a 6 oz. container of fresh organic blueberries.

Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders are a tasty option for dinner. Featuring Slow Cooker Market 32 Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin Roast with Mini Kaiser or Ciabatta Rolls. Top off the meal with Fresh Express Salad. For some satisfying seafood try Seal and Cook Salmon with Lemon and Dill Herb Butter with a side of fresh veggies. NEW PICS 90 second rice is the finishing touch you need for a complete and healthy meal! Finally, try Fresh Full Circle Chicken Breast pan sautéed and glazed with PICS Orange Juice. Pair it with sheet pan roasted Martin Farms Cut Butternut Squash for a fulfilling family dinner.

In between meals it’s essential to have healthy, super snacks to keep you and your kids energized through your busy schedules. In this week’s ad we provided a few energizing snacks to keep you going strong all day long! Belvita Bars are a great source of energy and they come in a variety of flavors, so you can choose your favorite. They are quick and easy,  on-the-go option for any time of day. Fresh pomegranates are another great way snack to make it through the day. Pomegranates are an excellent source of potassium and fiber. When selecting them, make sure to choose ones that are plump, round, and heavy. Check out the video below to discover three creative ways to enjoy fresh pomegranates!

You strive to eat healthy throughout the day but still struggle with that nagging craving for something sweet. Luckily, we didn’t forget about the chocolate! There are some options that will satisfy your craving, without all of the calories, that the whole family will love. Give NEW PICS Dark Chocolate Hummus a try! It’s a delicious way to fulfill your chocolaty needs. Dip some banana slices, or any of your favorite chocolate-paired fruits for a tasty treat. We also recommend trying with it our PICS pretzels for the perfect combination of salty and sweet!


We love all things local, and one of our favorite sectors of local food is local beer. There are so many different brews, flavors, and styles, and so many stories to tell! That’s why we’ve embarked on an exciting home.grown. adventure: to bring you fresh craft beer stories each month from our Northeast region. Our region is home to some of the best craft breweries in world, and we’re telling their stories to our craft beer fanatics here on our blog.

Up next: Sloop Brewing Company!

Named after the boats that once moved people up and down the Hudson, Sloop Brewing Company came into fruition in 2011. Founded by Adam Watson and Justin Taylor in pursuit of new tastes and adventures, the duo got their start by selling beer at farmers markets across New York’s Hudson Valley. In 2014, they opened their first production facility in a Dutch post & beam barn in Elizaville, NY. Recently, Sloop followed up by opening a brand new 25,000 square foot facility in East Fishkill’s former IBM plant. 

Sloop’s star player is their juicy, hazy, flagship Juice Bomb IPA. In this explosive brew, late hopping and low bitterness combine to bring about citrusy, juicy notes of American hops. An exciting blast of tropical leads the way, and a resin-y, more balanced flavor calms the drink down at the end. Juice Bomb is a must try for real hop lovers!

Interested in trying some Sloop brews?

Check out our in-store tasting schedule below to sample Sloop craft beer, take home some custom home.grown. & Sloop Brewing coasters and more.

Saturday 11/2, 11am – 2pm at our Wilton NY Market 32 Growler Station

Saturday 11/9, 11am – 2pm at our Bethlehem NY Price Chopper Growler Station

Saturday 11/16, 11am – 2pm at our Malta NY Price Chopper Growler Station

Saturday 11/23, 11am – 2pm at our Clifton Shopper’s World NY Market 32 Growler Station

Interested in visiting the brewery?

Make the most of everything Sloop Brewing Company has to offer! Visit sloopbrewing.com/ for taproom hours and menu, get info on brewery tours and more.

Brewery House Address: 755 East Dr. Suite #106, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533


Hot sauce junkies, heat connoisseurs and spiciness fanatics: We’re comin’ in hot with our next monthly feature!

Each month we’re bringing you fresh stories on a different sauce brand, sharing some flavor insights, stories behind the brands and more. Travel with us on an adventure consisting of varying degrees of heat each month!

November’s Feature: Hoff Sauce from Hoff and Pepper!

We all love hot sauce, but what about Hoff Sauce? Yes, Hoff Sauce. Created by Aaron Hoffman, a fiery foods fanatic, Hoff Sauce is designed to be an everyday hot sauce, used to add flavor and spunk to your favorite meals. Not only is it spicy, it’s also perfectly tangy, balanced, and flavorful, elevating any food to the next level.

Hoff and Pepper is based in Chattanooga, TN. Founded by Aaron “Hoff” Hoffman and Michelle “Pepper” Hoffman, the duo decided that the world needed to experience the skills of a sauce connoisseur such as Hoff. Since then, Hoff Sauce has gone on to win numerous awards, including multiple 1st place finishes at the annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo.   

Turn up the heat with Hoff and Pepper this month, and tune in next month for our December Hot Sauce of the Month!

Sunday is the perfect time to take a break, slow down your busy schedule, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. Because of these classic characteristics, it seems fitting that International Sloth Day falls on a Sunday this year. Annually, October 20th is a day of appreciation for these sluggish tree dwellers and this year we are proud to be celebrating with the folks at Double H Ranch!

Sloths are known for hanging out in the trees of tropical rain forests. Their extremely low metabolic rate is the reason behind their remarkably slow lifestyle. In fact, they only move approximately 41 yards in a single day, as they spend 15-20 of their 24 hours sleeping. Despite their drowsy nature, sloths are actually skilled swimmers, using their long arms to successfully wade through the water. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below for proof.

On top of all this, sloths can be cute and are a great choice when deciding which stuffed animal toy to buy. We teamed up with our friends at Double H Ranch to offer these stuffed animal sloths for a great cause! Double H runs camps for children with life-threatening illnesses, working to make lasting memories and enrich lives. With their help, you can stop by your local Price Chopper/Market 32 and purchase a stuffed animal sloth for $10. $3 of each purchase will be donated to benefit the kids at Double H!

Enjoy International Sloth Day and be sure to love a sloth in support of Double H Ranch!

And here’s that swimming sloth we promised, courtesy of BBC America…


Excited to introduce you to TruBlend by FAGE!

No added sugar*? Tru.

No sweeteners? Tru.

100% natural ingredients? Tru.

Creamy and delicious? Tru.



Experience a delicious blended Greek yogurt with real fruit and no added sugar* or sweeteners. It’s TRU!

Your spoon will be thrilled. Made with 100% natural ingredients and Non-GMO Project Verified, you know TruBlend is going to be simply amazing if you know FAGE. FAGE yogurt is always made with milk from non-GMO fed cows. They take real fruits – like strawberries and blueberries and blend them with the creamy, low-fat Greek yogurt to create a perfectly balanced sweet taste without the added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Not to mention, TruBlend is packed with protein. You and your spoon have been waiting for this.

Whether you’re a busy mom or dashing from work to yoga class, TruBlend by FAGE is a perfectly portable, nutritious snack to power you through your day when you’re pressed for time.

So, say hello to TruBlend by FAGE – we’ve got your taste buds covered. Experience these new delicious flavors at your local Price Chopper | Market 32!

    • TruBlend Vanilla: Simply delicious, memorable vanilla perfectly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt.

    • TruBlend Strawberry: Lusciously fresh strawberries perfectly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt.

    • TruBlend Blueberry: Bright, flavorful blueberries perfectly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt.

*not a low calorie food

A Hole Lotta History: Beginnings of the Bagel

Bagels have become a staple breakfast food in the American diet. They’re perfect for an on-the-go start to your busy day. Despite its simplistic nature, the bagel has a larger role in history than you may expect.

We’ve been in the bagel business since 1932, but these guys trace back far before that. First brought to the United States by Jewish immigrants from Poland in the 19th century, bagels were popularized here in the Northeast, in New York City’s Lower East Side. Back then they were displayed on poles and strings, which is how the hole in the middle of the bagel originated.

“Beigel” is the Yiddish word for bagel, and it’s a popular theory that the bagel is a descendant of the German pretzel; another yeasted dough bread that is boiled then baked.  The process of boiling then baking, keeps the bagels fresh longer, which for economically challenged folks was a necessity.

As Jewish people began to immigrate to North America from Europe, many settled in Toronto and Montreal, creating bagels in Canada that were slightly different from the New York style. Meanwhile, in New York, there were so many bagel makers that Local 33, a bagel-makers trade union, was formed in 1915.

Over time, bagels became more jazzed up. For this, we can credit the invention of cream cheese in the 1930s, followed by a Family Circle Magazine article which suggested that bagels with cream cheese and lox would serve as a good cocktail party appetizer.

Today at Price Chopper & Market 32, our bagels are one of the staples of our business. We’re excited to introduce our NEW bigger and better bagels! Freshly baked in-store, they’re crispy on the outside and pleasingly soft and chewy on the inside, and they’re on sale this week! View our ad to learn more.

National Thank A Farmer Day

At Price Chopper & Market 32, we’ve been supporting local farmers since our company founding in 1932. This includes partnering with all types of local farms, not just fruits and vegetables growers: greenhouses, dairy farms, maple farms, apiaries, tree farms and more. We feel that supporting Northeast farmers is the anchor of our home.grown. commitment to supporting all things local here in our region.

Today, on National Farmer’s Day, also known as National Thank A Farmer Day, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our local farm partners. Their passion and hard work every day allows us to provide you with the freshest ingredients and products each time you come to our store. Without these farming partners, our commitment to local would be impossible to achieve.

In honor of National Farmer’s Day we wanted to shout out a few of our many farming partners!

Turek Farms in Kings Ferry, NY is a family operated grower and shipper of fresh vegetables. Turek’s commitment to food safety is inspiring, going through detailed in-field inspections, hand-picking produce, and going to a third party to ensure food safety measures are met.

Casertano’s Greenhouse in Cheshire, CT has been a leader in the wholesale greenhouse business for over forty years. Supplying a variety of products from perennials, perennial starter plugs, annuals, and ground covers.

Mapleland Farms is a pure New York maple syrup producer in Salem, NY. In 2015 Mapleland Farms LLC purchased 350+ acres of land, and today they tap over 900 trees!

Champlain Valley Apiaries is a 3rd generation Middlebury, Vermont family owned business. Founded in 1931 by innovative beekeeper Charles Mraz, they have been producing delicious Vermont honey for over 85 years.

Located in Warren, MA, Breezeland Orchards has been owned and operated by the Tuttle family since 1896, five generations! Through their practice of low ecological impact farming they enjoy reduced pesticide use, ensuring their products are safer and higher quality.

The McNamara family has been farming the banks of the Connecticut River in Plainfield, NH at McNamara Dairy since 1950. Today, there are three generations that live and work on the farm together, providing excellent care for the animals, producing high-quality products and being stewards of the land.

Thank you to these and all of our local farmers who work every day to provide high-quality, local products. We appreciate you and Happy National Farmer’s Day!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Athlete Okay! 

Written by our home.grown. friends at the New York Apple Association 

You know apples are healthy and nutritious. You may not know that they can also help athletes go further by improving endurance.

A study at the Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan took 18 healthy volunteers who either received Applephenon [a polyphenol extract from unripe apples], or a placebo of vitamin C. All the subjects were then took part in two fatigue-inducing workload trials on a bicycle ergometer for two hours. 30 minutes after the start of the tests – and 30 minutes before the conclusion – the participants also performed non-workload trials at maximum velocity for 10 seconds.

The tests found that maximum velocity was higher in the group that received Applephenon prior to the test than for those who received the placebo. This led to the conclusion that Applephenon replicates antioxidant activity, reducing physical fatigue.

And that’s just the beginning of the advantages. Watch NYAA Consulting Dietitian Linda Quinn and learn more about the Nutritional Benefits of Apples for Athletes in just 90 seconds!

It’s home.grown. Hard Squash Season!


When it comes to autumn, no food represents the season like the colorful rinds and stout shapes of squash. We’re proud to source our hard squashes from local farmers here in the Northeast each fall. Kinderhook Creek Farm in Stephentown, NY and Hoover’s Produce in Port Trevorton, PA plant hard squash seeds in the spring and ship their harvest to us in early September.

Beyond butternut, a common winter squash, expand your palate this season with some of these lesser-known but equally flavorful squash varieties.



When roasted, the flesh inside this pale, oval-shaped squash separates into creamy, tender strands that resemble spaghetti. Spaghetti squash is mild tasting, so accent it with bold sauces or seasonings. It’s also the perfect low-carb substitute any way you sauce it, as well as the ideal substitute for rice noodles in Asian-style noodle bowls.



Delicata squash is ridged, earthy-tasting and has a creamy consistency. This squash’s thin, edible skin allows it to be cooked more quickly than other varieties. Sliced into scalloped rings or half-moons, delicata is excellent steamed, sautéed with olive oil and herbs, or added to simmering soups and stews.


Sweet Dumpling

Typically baked or roasted with the skin on, sweet dumpling squash has smooth textures and appear mini in size. They make an excellent addition to green salads, grain bowls, and soups or puréed and added to mashed potatoes for a boost in flavor and nutrients.



With a shape resembling an acorn, this squash has an orange-colored flesh with a delicious, mildly nutty taste. Look for varieties with a dull, green rind for the tenderest flesh. Acorn squash is great baked with the center scooped out and stuffed with a savory filling like rice pilaf or soup.

Italian Tonight?

As the weather cools down and you begin to feel a chill in the air, a home-cooked Italian meal is the perfect way to warm up. When it comes to Italian we certainly aren’t picky, whether it be starting from scratch cooking sauce all day, or opening your favorite jar of sauce, we have all of your necessities. We love all types of Italian meals and we’re excited to spend time celebrating this delicious cuisine with you!

Looking for some ideas for Italian inspiration? Start by bringing home big Italian flavor with Contadina® Tomato products and new Contadina® Pizzettas! For 100 years, Contadina has produced tomatoes that hold the standard of Italy, using fresh vine-ripened tomatoes that are grown with care.

Fresh from the sun-kissed fields of Italy, Mutti tomatoes are Italy’s #1 brand for a reason. Many years ago, Mutti decided to focus all of their efforts on tomatoes, rather than having many different good products, they have now have one excellent product. With a true respect for the tomatoes and nature in their fields, Mutti has thrived in bringing the highest-quality tomatoes from their land to your kitchen table.

Casaro Cheesemakers are true artisans, handcrafting the highest quality Italian specialty cheeses since 1929. Enjoy Casaro’s 1lb Fresh Mozzarella produced locally in our hometown of Schenectady, NY. Casaro in Italian translates to “cheesemaker” and the name is fitting given the expert quality you can taste in every bite. From Casaro’s creamy Fresh mozzarella to their aged Parmesan and Romano, you’ll be cheesin’ for more.

Finally, when preparing your Italian feast you can’t forget the ABC’s of Pasta! Appearance, a good amber color shows quality, rather than reddish, grayish, or whitish hues. Bite, good pasta should cook “al dente,” meaning “to the tooth.”  This means pasta should be firm when it’s ready to be eaten. Clarity, pasta made with the best quality durum wheat should not release much starch into the water. Check to make sure the cooking water is clear, rather than cloudy. And doesn’t break, pasta made with the highest quality durum wheat should not, break, stick, or clump during cooking. Now you know your ABC’s…of pasta!

Enjoy a delicious Italian meal during the cooler weather. There’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal to warm your spirits. For whichever meal you decide to try Price Chopper/Market 32 is your one stop shop for everything Italian. Come see us!